Mom’s Scalloped Potatoes & Her Thing About Butter

Gloria's Scalloped Potatoes by Worth The Whisk

Let’s see if I paid attention to how my mom, Gloria, made her scalloped potatoes. She was always peeling potatoes; there were seven of us. And she had no recipe box if I remember, just a mental arsenal of foods we would consume without debate. There were no extra items for any fussy eater. Either […]

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Baked Olives in Cheese Appetizer

Another Wisconsin inspiration. Dinner party at Barbara and David’s, the Wisc. connection is Barbara. Her mom was from Kewaunee, Wisc. My parents are both from Kewaunee, Wisc. If this doesn’t sound odd, we all live in Los Angeles, including the folks, who only reconnected when we kids made the hometown discovery. Kewaunee is an teensy […]

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My Dad’s Beer Basted Bratwurst for Octoberfest

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Maybe 15 years or so ago, Larry and I helped my folks with one of their wild parties.  On the menu: Beer Basted Bratwurst.  My parents have a “gang;” their decades-long connection is St. John Fisher grammar school, all the gang’s assorted kids started there. We lived on The Peninsula (they still do), a horsey, […]

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Wisconsin Schaum Tortes

Happy birthday to my mom, Gloria.  She used to make us Schaum Tortes. Googling around, I had a laugh reading, “Unless you’re from Wisconsin, you won’t know what a Schaum Torte is.”  I’m a native Californian who ate a lot of ‘em but that makes sense… both my folks are from Wisconsin.  Mom, a Kewaunee […]

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