10 Favorite Foodie Swag Items

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This post isn’t about “free products” companies send bloggers in the hopes of scoring positive reviews.  Today I’m writing about what’s known in the biz as “trinkets and trash” – goodies from food companies at the hundreds of trade shows and conferences I’ve attended, lugged home via overstuffed suitcases to outfit my kitchen with their […]

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10 Tiny Tools I Love & Art for Foodies

We all have our favorite cooking tools, don’t we?   Most of mine spend half their lives in the dishwasher, we use them so often.  These are my favorite Tiny Tools.  This collection is only about 5% of all the stuff in our gigantic utensil drawer, but just like a cache of signature recipes, these seem […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks IV – 10 Easiest Foods to Shoot

My recent visit with stylist Denise Vivaldi of Food Fanatics at her food shoot was eye-opening, but I felt the need to leave with some hope for my own artistic capabilities.  So, I picked the team’s brains as to what they consider “easy” foods to shoot. According to Denise and team members Cindy Flannigan, Jen […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks III – 10 Hardest Foods to Shoot

When pressed, many food bloggers will confess: we’ve set a plate of our delicious upcoming dinner in front of the camera, and all our shots turn out looking like doggy “stuff” (you visualize). Food stylists are magicians who can literally make anything perform for a camera.  They have an arsenal of tools – this kit, […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks II – 10 Clever Tools for Bloggers

Hi, are you a food blogger, too? We know the drill: in our studios, there are no food stylists, prop stylists, lighting assistants or photographers. Heck, I have no studio. The stylist is ME, the photographer is ME. And unlike the food for commercial photography, the food blogger’s shoot is destined for… dinner! Recently, I […]

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Food Photography I – 10 Tips and Tricks for Food Bloggers

In a professional studio, when you work with a food stylist, you can pick up great tricks to make foods look glorious.  I’ve always loved studio work, spending days hanging out with creative people (me, faking the appearance that I was in charge of something). Stylists have carloads of kits with every craft item and […]

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