10 Tiny Tools I Love & Art for Foodies

We all have our favorite cooking tools, don’t we?   Most of mine spend half their lives in the dishwasher, we use them so often.  These are my favorite Tiny Tools.  This collection is only about 5% of all the stuff in our gigantic utensil drawer, but just like a cache of signature recipes, these seem […]

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What Is This Teensy Serving Utensil?

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Antique Spoon

Polishing silverware from Aunt Dede’s estate in preparation for a dinner party here, I discovered this tiny 4-inch long slotted serving piece.  Of course, I could google around and discover it’s truth but it would be more fun to ask out there… what is it? OK, I hear the collective SHE DOES WHAT???  Yes, I […]

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Loving a 6 x 6-ft. Kitchen

Our home has two residences: a main house and an attached mother-in-law apartment.  The property was a horror with “good bones,” and had not been updated since the sixties (groovy fountain was a clue).  We moved in and experienced six months of discovering all the things that needed correcting, including the fact that the house […]

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