Tangerine Upside Down Cake

Tangerine slices, I came to realize, are beautiful on a cake but I screwed up.  In order to get the bitter flavor out of the rind before I assembled this, I should have blanched the slices. I’d simply substituted them for the lemons in the Lemon Upside Down Cake recipe published in the LA Times […]

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Tangerine Pudding with Citrus Yogurt

You know I write from Southern California, right? Here, practically every yard has a heavily laden citrus tree. Ours are lemon and lime. Which was the problem; when I was making Tangerine Pudding one recent evening, I was a smidge short on fresh-squeezed tangerine juice. Lemon or lime wouldn’t fix my problem, I needed tangerine. […]

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My Four TOP Recipes Of All Times

When you write a cooking blog like Worth The Whisk, the mechanics of it can result in earlier recipes being tucked waaaay away in places quite difficult to find without digging.  You might find it interesting to read that these are my four top recipes of all times (on this blog). Not surprising, all desserts.

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Tangerine Tart with Cookie Crust

For more than a decade, I’ve held onto this Sunset Magazine page. You see, the prolific tangerine tree that came with this house disappeared the day our yard was demo’d for landscaping. Waaaaa. Not sure why I never just bought fruit to make the tart; maybe I was insecure.

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Road Trip: On The Hunt for Ojai’s Pixie Tangerines

My niece, Danielle, and I were on the hunt for the most awesome of snacks, the Pixie Tangerine. They only grow in Ojai. The region produces just enough to keep the best local stores and farmer’s markets supplied and then, BUMMER, gone ‘til next season (March through summer). If Larry and I hadn’t attended a […]

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