My Newly Discovered Perfect Way to Cook Salmon–Oven Roasted In A Skillet

Eat more salmon. Every doctor says that. We try. But we’d frankly rather eat pasta or salad or soup or pizza or Asian noodles.  Sigh. Must try harder. Perfect timing for this Wall St. Journal article on restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld’s method of oven roasting salmon. Easy. Fast. Spectacularly tasty. Gadzooks, this was written for ME.

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Seared Scallops with Orange-Ginger Sauce

If New Year’s Eve is a night when you want to cook something lovely, flavorful, but light, try Seared Scallops with Orange-Ginger Sauce. We had them as an appetizer. But over a bed of rice with baby greens for a salad,… LOVELY.

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How Do You Make Clam Chowder? Gil Shares

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Clam Chowder by Worth The Whisk

Close to three weeks touring India with co-travelers meant a lot of talk about food.  At one point, we started chatting “signature recipes.”  People tend to want to tell you about their best recipes, and I certainly want to have them.  That is how I scored Gil’s Clam Chowder recipe.

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Roasted Sea Bass with Ratatouille

Ratatouille. This is something I’ve avoided all my life due to the dreaded ingredient – eggplant! I never ate that veggie in my youth. Larry’s mom cooked hers to smithereens, so it is yuck to him, too. We never order anything eggplant in restaurants. Only thing aubergine in our lives is Larry’s extensive wardrobe of […]

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Travel to Barbados, Friend

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Barbados is a little bit of heaven. Nothing here is pushy. No one’s hand feels like it’s in your pocket. I’d call it an “easy” destination. Larry and I take lots of vacations, and we tend to visit places that are hard, challenging, rough, complicated — on purpose, don’t get me wrong. Antarctica isn’t for […]

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Flying Fish Barbados Style

Visiting Barbados? I won’t be the first to tell you –you will eat flying fish at some point there. Didn’t sound too appetizing, considering how unnerving those critters can be flapping their way across the surface of water. Always creeped me out. Until I met one… battered and fried, with a side of Bajan Macaroni […]

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Grilled Salmon with Raspberry Cabernet Sauce

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Here’s another wine-soaked recipe from our LA’s Chef’s Inc. cooking class “Date Night in Wine Country” taught by Chef Diane Brown. Larry and I never cook salmon, and rarely order it in restaurants. But when placed in front of us, like at a wedding, we eat it up! So I can say with authority that […]

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