My Newly Discovered Perfect Way to Cook Salmon–Oven Roasted In A Skillet

Eat more salmon. Every doctor says that. We try. But we’d frankly rather eat pasta or salad or soup or pizza or Asian noodles.  Sigh. Must try harder. Perfect timing for this Wall St. Journal article on restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld’s method of oven roasting salmon. Easy. Fast. Spectacularly tasty. Gadzooks, this was written for ME.

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Kahlua-Glazed Peaches & Vanilla-Kahlua Yogurt For Two

  Tell me if I’m wrong, but more words aren’t necessary. Fresh summer peach. Kahlua. Dunk, roast. Stir a little more into plain yogurt. Fresh vanilla bean. Drizzle. Sweet. Savoring. Kahlua-Glazed Peaches & Vanilla-Kahlua Yogurt for Two. Only Larry and me here, today that’s all that counts.

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What Meryl Streep Served Steve Martin in “It’s Complicated” ~ Croque Monsieur

Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin. All eating, all the time. The movie “It’s Complicated” is the kind of chick flick I love because, besides hilarious middle-age angst, there’s a lot of great looking real food.  Did you ask, “what’s that cheesy thing Meryl served Steve” (which then made Alec swoon)?  They said it several […]

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Roasted Sea Bass with Ratatouille

Ratatouille. This is something I’ve avoided all my life due to the dreaded ingredient – eggplant! I never ate that veggie in my youth. Larry’s mom cooked hers to smithereens, so it is yuck to him, too. We never order anything eggplant in restaurants. Only thing aubergine in our lives is Larry’s extensive wardrobe of […]

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Canned Pumpkin Shortage? Make Fresh Pumpkin Puree

This is a refresh of my original post. I wrote last year about the national shortage of canned pumpkin. Well, this year there’s plenty, and there are also plenty of these small sugar pumpkins, too.  Now I have canned pumpkin in the pantry once again, LOTS of it. About a month ago, I noticed my […]

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Best-Ever Roast Chicken Claim is True

If there is one food I cook well, it is Roast Chicken. Mine always come out juicy and tender; I use the nifty tool, a Spanek verticle roaster. You don’t need anything beyond the wire gizmo that makes your bird sit upright in the oven. So why try a new recipe? The headline. I tore […]

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