“The Sweet Life” is in Cleveland ~ Little Italy’s La Dolce Vita Bistro

The tomatoes sit on a vintage flower pot stand on the sidewalk. In LA, they would have disappeared in a heartbeat, but in Cleveland’s Little Italy, they stay put… right out front of bistro La Dolce Vita. How did two Angelinos stumble on this culinary gem? By tagging along with restaurant reviewer friend, Barbara Snow, […]

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Dining In The Dark

  You have not seen a restaurant review on this blog. I’m easy: I like to eat in restaurants, never send food back, always clean my plate. This review is about an experience, not the menu; our dinner at the restaurant Opaque wasn’t anything I expected.  Their marketing is European-ish, but the actual dining is… […]

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How to Bake A Restaurant-Perfect Potato – Guest Post with Dr. Potato

This guest post is via my longtime foodservice friend, Dr. Potato (AKA Don Odiorne).  Don spent 40 years in corporate foodservice marketing and operations, owned his own restaurant and three pizza franchises. He supervises a web site and foodservice at the Idaho Potato Commission. Hey Don… How do you make a baked potato at home […]

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Extreme Kahlua Chocolate Mousse

It doesn’t get much better’n this. Besides being remarkably easy to make (thanks to the crockpot), once chilled, this food from the Gods becomes super dense, like the center of an incredible chocolate bon bon. Take a bite and you will go, “mmmmmmmm.” But heed this warning: do not dish up a portion the size […]

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