Rancho La Puerta

Do Something Each Day That Scares You

Do something each day that SCARES you?? What the heck for, you might ask? Being scared… isn’t that something to avoid at all costs? Isn’t that what you shield children from, the thing that causes angst and fear?

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Seriously, Patti… Take A Hike

Hiking is not the same as walking; that revelation dawned on me at Rancho La Puerta. Gad, I sound like a bubble-brain, but there aren’t that many opportunities to hike in my routine. And I know you’re thinking, “Gee Patti, there are plenty of hiking trails nearby.” Santa Monica mountains are visible from my home, […]

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The Secret Ingredient Guacamole Recipe of Rancho La Puerta

A decade ago, there was an office building on my route to work that had a giant banner: a cutie pie baby with green mush on his face and the proclamation, “Give Peas A Chance.”  THAT is a fun foodie message. And now, it’s come full circle to my time at Rancho La Puerta when […]

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Sautéed Chard with Garlic and Lemon ~ a Rancho La Puerta Cooking Class

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When the alarm went off at 5:30 AM on Day 2 of our Rancho La Puerta stay, I silently hoped the night’s rain was still falling. Our casita was soooo cozy. Nope, the sky was clear. Travel buddy, Cathi and I had 30 minutes to get to the meeting place for sunrise and a 4 […]

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Have You Heard of Rancho La Puerta?

My New Yorker friend, Miriam, was the one who told me that Rancho La Puerta is the “gold standard” of spas. She’d spent a week there a few years ago. I was surprised that an adventure traveler such as her would pick a “spa” as a vacation destination, let alone one at the opposite corner […]

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