Barry’s Killer BBQ Ribs and His Sauce Recipe, Too

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Barry… not Larry. Cathi’s husband, a real catch. Besides being one of the handiest men on the planet, he’s a fabulous cook. This weekend together in Big Bear at their family’s mountain cabin consisted of our foursomes’ ice chests full of ingredients, wine & pines… good times. Let’s get cracking on Barry’s Famous Barbecue Ribs […]

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Lime & Shallot Pork Chops

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Have you ever followed a new recipe only to realize {after it’s all gone} that you DIDN’T follow it properly? That’s the story of these Lime & Shallot Pork Chops. Which, by the way, were totally worth it.

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Guest Post ~ BBQ Country Ribs In The Slow Cooker by Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious

Crockpot Pork Ribs by Worth The Whisk

NOTE FROM PATTI: You know how much I love my crockpot. So when I was chatting with friend Dorothy about a guest blog post, I was THRILLED to discover she’s mastered BBQ pork ribs in the ol’ slow cooker. What a great recipe for New Year’s – try them this way!

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My Dad’s Beer Basted Bratwurst for Octoberfest

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Maybe 15 years or so ago, Larry and I helped my folks with one of their wild parties.  On the menu: Beer Basted Bratwurst.  My parents have a “gang;” their decades-long connection is St. John Fisher grammar school, all the gang’s assorted kids started there. We lived on The Peninsula (they still do), a horsey, […]

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Pork with Thai Green Curry Sauce

Do you sometimes pick up a recipe from a fun experience, prepare it once, and then fuggedaboudit? Not this Pork with Thai Green Curry Sauce, which we’ve made several times since Larry and I attended a class by prolific cookbook author and culinary camp creator, Hugh Carpenter.

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Claro’s Italian Meatballs

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A TV show featuring Claro’s Italian Market resulted in Larry and me driving an hour to Arcadia just for the experience (not immediately, but we keep notes of stuff like this and Larry finally said, “can we pleeeeeze go to Claro’s???”) After consuming awesome subs and ogling at cheeses, meats, dry goods and hot foods, […]

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