Tangerine Pudding with Citrus Yogurt

You know I write from Southern California, right? Here, practically every yard has a heavily laden citrus tree. Ours are lemon and lime. Which was the problem; when I was making Tangerine Pudding one recent evening, I was a smidge short on fresh-squeezed tangerine juice. Lemon or lime wouldn’t fix my problem, I needed tangerine. […]

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Guest Post ~ White Chocolate Orange Cranberry Bark by Jennifer at Savor The Thyme

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FROM JENNIFER at SAVOR THE THYME: When Patti asked me to guest post, I started thinking about what would be of interest to many of you and what you may be feeling just a few days before Christmas: wrapping gifts, planning menus, planning for visitors and thinking about gifts you have not yet purchased. Now, […]

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Citrus French Toast with Marmalade Drizzle

  Lately, I’ve been eating challah on Fridays around sundown. My Jewish readers might think, “Such a good girl, going to Shabbat.” Catholic-raised me must tell the truth: I volunteer at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital until 5 PM on Fridays. We have a meditation room (not to be confused with a medication room) and […]

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Namibia Sunset Orange Blossom Cake

African sunsets go on forever; the sun drops behind the horizon quickly, then melts the sky into a full hour of magnificence. Considering there are no buildings to block the view, hundreds of miles of horizon can (and do) glow every night.

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Orange Ribbon Cheesecake

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Larry gets full credit for this beauty.  I’ve been out of town for several days conducting our fun women’s weekend, Camp GetAway.  One activity at our event is the traditional Magazine Swap (bring ‘em, take ‘em), which results in a gigantic pile of happiness at camp. Sunday AM, before my 75 gals awoke, I was […]

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Orange-Flavored Shortcakes with Strawberries and Cream

The article in the LA Times Food Section was long-winded, but I was committed to discovering if it was a good shortcake recipe: Orange-Flavored Shortcakes with Strawberries and Cream.  As a kid, I tasted two versions of shortcake.  One was made from Biscuick, which I don’t buy.  The other was technically the outside of a […]

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