Visit LA’s Idea of Country ~ Ojai

Let’s say you’re hitting the wall. You need to be somewhere quiet. Somewhere to think, breathe, sleep. Maybe you need to be alone, a solo traveler. Or, the two of you crave de-stressing. If you’re located somewhere between Orange County and Santa Barbara, choose Ojai.

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Tangerine Upside Down Cake

Tangerine slices, I came to realize, are beautiful on a cake but I screwed up.  In order to get the bitter flavor out of the rind before I assembled this, I should have blanched the slices. I’d simply substituted them for the lemons in the Lemon Upside Down Cake recipe published in the LA Times […]

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Road Trip: On The Hunt for Ojai’s Pixie Tangerines

My niece, Danielle, and I were on the hunt for the most awesome of snacks, the Pixie Tangerine. They only grow in Ojai. The region produces just enough to keep the best local stores and farmer’s markets supplied and then, BUMMER, gone ‘til next season (March through summer). If Larry and I hadn’t attended a […]

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