Mom’s Scalloped Potatoes & Her Thing About Butter

Gloria's Scalloped Potatoes by Worth The Whisk

Let’s see if I paid attention to how my mom, Gloria, made her scalloped potatoes. She was always peeling potatoes; there were seven of us. And she had no recipe box if I remember, just a mental arsenal of foods we would consume without debate. There were no extra items for any fussy eater. Either […]

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Wisconsin Schaum Tortes

Happy birthday to my mom, Gloria.  She used to make us Schaum Tortes. Googling around, I had a laugh reading, “Unless you’re from Wisconsin, you won’t know what a Schaum Torte is.”  I’m a native Californian who ate a lot of ‘em but that makes sense… both my folks are from Wisconsin.  Mom, a Kewaunee […]

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