Have You Heard of Rancho La Puerta?

My New Yorker friend, Miriam, was the one who told me that Rancho La Puerta is the “gold standard” of spas. She’d spent a week there a few years ago. I was surprised that an adventure traveler such as her would pick a “spa” as a vacation destination, let alone one at the opposite corner […]

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Guest Post ~ Turkey Enchiladas by Nancy of A Communal Table

Homemade Turkey Enchiladas by Worth The Whisk

FROM NANCY of A Communal Table: Recently Patti contacted me about doing a guest post for her blog and I was thrilled! Well, it’s January and although Spring is typically the season for cleaning in my house it always takes place in January. Maybe it’s the influx of gifts received during the holidays but once […]

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Road Trip: Taste of San Diego Walking Tour

What you see here is what awaits you on a walking food tour of downtown San Diego. SD was my college town. Back then, the only reason to go downtown was… uh, well, there was no reason. The closest I may have gotten was my stint working in a Mexican restaurant in Old Towne, but […]

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Guest Post by Elise at Hungry Hungry Hippie: Spaghetti Squash Mexicana

Thumbnail image for Guest Post by Elise at Hungry Hungry Hippie: Spaghetti Squash Mexicana

From Patti: Elise of Hungry Hungry Hippie is my ‘lil cousin. She’s vegan, a voracious food blogger, and a cardiac RN in NYC. On top of that, she and Kyle are getting married next summer.  My rule in life?  Always ask such “Type A’s” for favors like guest posts while I go on a stress-free […]

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Light Tortilla Soup

Larry takes me on some pretty interesting dates, like last week’s Laserium Beatles Show (remember the LA Griffith Observatory?  Now it’s in Hollywood).  As we left the theater, Larry noticed that Beso, Eva Longoria’s uber hip restaurant was across the street, so we stopped in for a wildly expensive glass of wine and some Beautiful […]

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Chilled Gazpacho

Somebody tell me:  why does any vacation now result in me coming home with a “muffin top” (aka pot belly)?  I’m technically a lean-ish person, but lately, yikes.   Even places with not great food, I channel Miss Piggy.  Thus, when we get back home to our “grind of choice” (as my friend, Cathi calls it), […]

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