I Want To Talk You Into Volunteering

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Looking for a New Year’s Resolution to help others besides yourself? Volunteer. I came late to community volunteering. My pro bono work was always career-focused. Committee work for professional associations. PR support. Program chair. Treasurer. President. Only in the past two years have I discovered more satisfying types of volunteering. This past Thanksgiving, Larry joined […]

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How To Stay Married For 99 Years

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Thirty-two years ago this week, as my dad walked me down the aisle to marry Larry, I remember noticing how “sparse” 150 people seemed (discovering later that our map drove friends straight through the path of an Armed Forces Day parade). Oh well… Larry and I giggled through the entire ceremony. And that was an […]

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Larry’s Excellent Pizza

Have you seen the foodie blog, Hungry Hungry Hippie?   Blogger Elise’s mom is my cousin, Melinda.  I noticed this week that HHH was being written by middle sis, Laura – that’s how I discovered their ENTIRE family is vacationing in Hawaii, ‘cept Laura!  What a good sister – and turns out, a good blogger. I […]

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Larry’s Famous Brownies As Seen in Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit, June 2000 issue, page 169: “Chocolate Chip Brownies” by Larry Steven Londre. As I re-read the article after all these years, I’m still amazed. Not that his recipes were published, but rather the side of “cheese” that accompanied them. Yes, his brownies are fabulous, extremely dense and chocolaty with a Kahlua kick. The […]

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