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Unreachable Pantry Space? Build Tilted Shelves–Photo Tutorial

Our home has nine-foot ceilings. The kitchen cabinets had – until now –miles of inaccessible pantry space up in the nosebleed section. Clearly a home economist did NOT design this kitchen. Just tilt those shelves! Here’s my easy photo how-to.

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Last Minute Food Substitutions

This week is Thanksgiving. And what should arrive on my doorstep from uber-culinary publicist Lisa Ekus?  The gigantic Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim. It conjured memories of past Thanksgivings with friends and family – for which I am very grateful. And memories of “Oh S**T, there are no coffee filters!!”  And “Wasn’t vanilla extract […]

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Funky But Really Useful Household Thingy

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About the De Odor Works “thingy” — it starts with Home Economics 1-0-1: rubbing smelly hands (wet) on a stainless steel sink eradicates odors like fish, garlic, mildewy-rubber-glove-insides. Yup, true. But it only works with stainless steel. If you have teenagers or other smelly critters in your household, unfortunately you cannot rub their entire bodies inside your […]

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Williams-Sonoma Sugar Cookies

Sigh — even a really cool message-stamping cookie kit can’t hide my icing skills. Thankfully, a sponsor at Camp Blogaway will be the Wilton cake decorating gurus because this shouldn’t happen. So, my Happy Birthday cookies for Larry started out lovely. But my little decorating kit box’s postage date of 1976 from college was a […]

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