Get Thyself to Umbria ~ Plan A Little, Not A Lot

Umbria is Italy’s heartland region.  Best to start with the book – Sustenance, by Elizabeth Wholey.  This little tome is the most useful tool you’ll find to wrap your head around this area of Italy’s farmers and food producers. Foodie Alert! Umbria is “the new Tuscany.”

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When Larry Cooked Like a Real Italian

Montone, Umbria, Italy — Our cooking class instructor assured us this was THE Umbrian recipe to master – a lemony olive oil cake. Chef Judith Klinger of Aroma Cucina put Larry to work in her killer Italian kitchen in Montone. Husband/partner Jeff Albucher was attentive dishwasher, bartender and M.C., regaling us in Umbrian history and […]

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“The Sweet Life” is in Cleveland ~ Little Italy’s La Dolce Vita Bistro

The tomatoes sit on a vintage flower pot stand on the sidewalk. In LA, they would have disappeared in a heartbeat, but in Cleveland’s Little Italy, they stay put… right out front of bistro La Dolce Vita. How did two Angelinos stumble on this culinary gem? By tagging along with restaurant reviewer friend, Barbara Snow, […]

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Guest Post ~ Italian Cookies, a specialty of Created by Diane

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NOTE FROM PATTI: Readers, I met Diane at Camp Blogaway and am always tickled to see her picture-perfect Italian Cookies at events. Looks like any shape is possible with this go-to recipe. FROM DIANE: Patti is so wonderful to let me share with you my Italian Cookie Recipe today. I blog at Created by Diane. […]

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Mushroom, Basil and Goat Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups

There’s this thing out there called Wordless Wednesday. I think food bloggers tire of writing posts, but have some nice food photos to share, so they use Wednesday to get caught up. I like the idea. So, consider this an Almost Wordless Wednesday post. I created this Mushroom, Basil and Goat Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups for […]

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Claro’s Italian Meatballs

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A TV show featuring Claro’s Italian Market resulted in Larry and me driving an hour to Arcadia just for the experience (not immediately, but we keep notes of stuff like this and Larry finally said, “can we pleeeeeze go to Claro’s???”) After consuming awesome subs and ogling at cheeses, meats, dry goods and hot foods, […]

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Tuscan Chicken Pallard over Fettuccine

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There was this handsome, bald guy on TV making dinner with ingredients I already had (minus arugula). I’d never seen him before (and I love TV). His show was A Lyon In The Kitchen on the Discovery Health Channel and now I know his name is Nathan Lyon. A recipe like this is one of […]

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Penne with Bacon Gravy

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Whoa baby, if you like a hearty belly-ful of pasta and flavor, use bacon AND whole wheat penne.  You won’t be hungry for days.  It is still June Gloom weather outside here and I haven’t lightened up my cooking yet for the next season.  We have a lot of dried pasta variations in the pantry, […]

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Asparagus and Parmesan Risotto

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“Anyone can make risotto, it’s impossible to screw up,” friend and former client, Carey, said.  We worked together when she was with Waterford Wedgwood.  And we worked together before that when she was with Kahlua.  My little foodie boutique firm did PR for those brands plus a bunch of others.  Carey told me she makes […]

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