Crockpot Curry for Two – Simple, Super Supper

The little slip of paper was in my eyeglass case on the kitchen table for, oh let’s see, THREE houses by now: Westwood, the Playa Vista rental, and now the new house. Time to make this keen little recipe (and alter it slightly) for Slow Cooker (aka “Crockpot”) Curry.

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Chicken Biryani ~ Indian Comfort Food After Stressful Weeks

  Chicken Biryani is Indian comfort food. I needed some. My mom is sick. No, actually Mom is injured. She’s had back surgery, is rehabilitating. Family stressed. Dad is in dire need of sleep and Alone Time (which he gets ‘til she goes home). Doctors, walkers, wheelchairs, meds, anybody who has been here knows. No […]

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Masala, That Yummy Indian Gravy ~ Guest Post by Neha of Much More Than A Homemaker

 Hello dear readers, today we go to “the source” for a recipe I’ve yet to make but Larry and I LOVE TO EAT: the Indian yummy Chicken Masala! When friend, Neha the blogger behind Much More Than A Homemaker offered to guest post for me… “A recipe from a FAB Indian cook? Mmmm masala, please!!”  […]

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Indian Spices on U.S. Store Shelves

Hey, I can’t believe I forgot this post was in DRAFT mode!  Larry and I rang in last New Year’s in India. What American food blogger travels all the way to India and doesn’t publish the ubiquitous “spices in sacks” shot?  Well, here it is, above. And now, what to do about it…

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White Pepper Chicken Barley Soup Made By A Sometimes Princess

Lucky timing, rain hit the morning after the Valley Performing Arts Center black tie opening. My little satin pumps woulda been ruined! There I was, in line for the potty with Calista Flockhart; Harrison Ford was waiting out in the hall. I people-watched next to Doris Roberts. Moved my tootsies so Beau Bridges could scoot […]

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Eating in India

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Cooking Roti by Worth The Whisk

Larry and I weren’t Indian food aficionados before we visited India. Early in our marriage, we lived next door to a delightful Indian family; Northridge, CA. One evening, they invited us to dinner and proceeded to blow our brains out with the hottest food I’d ever encountered. I recall wincing and sweating, followed by spice-burping […]

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Our India Adventure from A to Z

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Overwhelmed and overstimulated. There’s no way to effectively present our travel to India. Too much to process.  Too many photos to show. Too many questions to answer.  My solution – highlights of our India Adventure from A to Z. Elsewhere you can read about classic India experiences, but here are mine…

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