Cravon is My First Giveaway! Love Fries?

ACK… spell-check changes CravOn into “Crayon.” I want to post about frozen French fries and Word keeps making it art. But maybe that will help us remember the name of these frozen fries at the store.

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While Harvesting Idaho Potatoes, A Killer CORN Recipe Also Showed Up

Waffle fries made from uber-fresh Idaho potatoes, above, were just one of a dozen ways we experienced the harvest. We food bloggers gladly devoured our way through the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest via (1) salty chips, (2) baked, (3) O-Brien, (4) waffled, (5) three types of salads at the home of Hoffs Farms (four generations […]

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Sister Sue is Vindicated + More Lessons From the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest

To my big sister Sue, I take it all back. Apologies. Mea culpa. This is a post about my attitude adjustment and your instant potato flakes.

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Attending the Idaho Potato Harvest to Learn About a Simple, Fascinating, Delicious Food

It was the Idaho Potato Commission’s 2012 harvest tour – eleven food bloggers, including me, were shipped off to Idaho to get the scoop on spuds for our readers. Think potatoes are a simple veggie?  It took close to four days to deep-dive into the topic enough to really, truly grasp “why” Idaho, “why” fresh […]

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