My Five Top Picks from the Dwell On Design Show

Home Design? SURE; this is a Lifestyle Blog, so it doesn’t always have to be cooking and travel, right? I took a field trip on the Metro to the Convention Center in Downtown LA to Dwell On Design.  I have five cool things to show you.

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Valentine to Self: Little Ways to Live a More Romantic Life

This isn’t how to get more nookie. Romance doesn’t always mean sex. The definition of romance is an idealistic feeling, a desire for adventure, chivalry, and love.  Larry bought me two bunches of daffodils yesterday at Trader Joes. He knows I particularly love them because I get to watch them bloom. That’s romantic.

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Best Paint Advice I Can Give

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You’re looking at my well-traveled paint palette. When we remodeled this house a decade ago, we had the daunting task of deciding colors for every room. Sounded fun… wasn’t. One step forward and three steps back until I landed on the right approach, thanks to a kind stranger.

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Living on Wisteria Lane

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Wisteria EXPLODES late March in our neighborhood, making it look pretty much like the set of Desperate Housewives. This is not my house; ours is around the corner – within a block of four wisteria vines that demonstrate what TO DO and NOT DO. It’s incredibly easy. It thrives on abuse. So much so, that when you drive […]

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In Our Kitchen

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How do people like actress/singer Mandy Moore end up cooking in our kitchen?  CLICK HERE to see her. A decade ago, Larry and I bought a circa-1939 home which had not been updated since the 60s. At the same time, we owned a former Hungarian restaurant that we renovated into offices for my little PR […]

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Loving a 6 x 6-ft. Kitchen

Our home has two residences: a main house and an attached mother-in-law apartment.  The property was a horror with “good bones,” and had not been updated since the sixties (groovy fountain was a clue).  We moved in and experienced six months of discovering all the things that needed correcting, including the fact that the house […]

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