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How To Tell if An Egg Is Raw or Hard Cooked

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You’re at the cabin. Everyone else is out hiking. You want an omelet. There’s a bowl of eggs in the fridge. DANG IT, nobody labeled them! Are they raw? Hard cooked? You are smart, you studied physics in school… remember “inertia?” Take the egg and spin it on a smooth surface. Touch it for a […]

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The History of Aprons

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Friend, Caroline is an enigma. On the surface: a classic beauty, self-assured self-employed food pro who travels the country for clients and around the globe for fun. Yet, she’s kind of a country girl. Choosing Home Ec as a profession fit her to a T. One of her favorite pastimes is Knit ‘n Bitch potlucks […]

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How to Calculate a Recipe’s “Nutrition Per Serving”

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It isn’t difficult, and I find it much easier to do it by hand – on paper — than plug data into software or use an online calculator.  That is because so many ingredients seem to have peccadilloes and sometimes the software doesn’t accept your data OR doesn’t have that specific item in its database […]

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In Our Kitchen

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How do people like actress/singer Mandy Moore end up cooking in our kitchen?  CLICK HERE to see her. A decade ago, Larry and I bought a circa-1939 home which had not been updated since the 60s. At the same time, we owned a former Hungarian restaurant that we renovated into offices for my little PR […]

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