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Salade Lyonnais: a Bacon and Egg Salad. This is About the Egg

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This is an homage to the perfect poached egg atop salads at our Gourmet Club potluck dinner last weekend. Salade Lyonnais: lettuce, quality bacon, homemade croutons, fresh-made vinaigrette and that glorious warm poached egg on top.

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Zucchini Cheese Tart

What an appetizer! More like an appetite-spoiler… at THIS party (Gourmet Club), the plan is to cook and eat for HOURS. How would that be possible if we started off with this flaky, cheesy, mustardy, bubbly hot Zucchini Cheese Tart? 

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The Chef, The Designer, The Kitchen and The Party

Ordinarily, I write here about cooking, trips and/or the antics of our Gourmet Club. But for this post, I was urged by Club Member Laura to write about the KITCHEN of our most recent dinner party, and the DESIGNER, who also happens to be in our Club. Laura is right, it doesn’t always have to […]

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Wurstsalat ~ My Version of Swiss Sausage Salad

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After several years of quarterly dinners, our Gourmet Club is getting VERY creative with themes. Laura and Jeff announced the next dinner to be Swiss, as in “Fondue Party,” and gave Larry and me the salad assignment. !?!  Sure, the Swiss have salads, one on the surface looked just right, a chopped salad with plenty […]

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Jalapeno Lime Coleslaw for a Crowd

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OOPS, forgot to take a “hero shot” photo of my Jalapeno Lime Coleslaw before we dug in at Laura and Jeff’s July 4th gig. No worries, it looks like any other coleslaw, but but but…  has a tang and a punch, really worth checking out yourself.

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How to Roast a Goose & Why is John Crying?

Don’t feel sorry for John, that’s not his empty wine glass. John was on the front line, dicing onions as a member of Team Soup at our Traditional Old English Christmas Dinner. And he certainly wasn’t crying the remainder of this Gourmet Club cooking and eating extravaganza, I can attest to that. This was the […]

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Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

  Gourmet Club dinner: GREEK. Four couples, each once yearly hosts a “theme” meal at their home. Marlene and John will be cruising the Greek Isles next month and, happily, this theme choice produced one of our absolute best group collaborations. Laura snagged the coveted DESSERT course. Laura makes perfect flan, and so a “water […]

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Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp Appetizer

Four couples who like to cook. And drink. And travel. Every few months, we gather at someone’s home for our Gourmet Club dinner cook-a-thon. The hosts select the theme and divvy up potluck assignments. We schlep bags of ingredients, piles of utensils, then make ourselves at home for platters, serving pieces. Every surface is used, […]

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Squash Soup with Cranberry Dollop

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The Gourmet Club tries to meet four times a year. That’s four couples, each responsible for a theme, a date at their home and wrangling the calendars of the rest of us. We’ve had some luscious eats: Cuban, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Men’s Meal (Hawaiian is upcoming) in the three-plus years this has been going […]

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Darn Good Guacamole

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The Perfect Guacamole recipe title prompted me to quietly tear it from the dentist office magazine. Yes, I do that sometimes, but only an emergency like this one.

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