Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Lox ~ a Foolproof Appetizer

If you’re one of those people who claims to not cook, or thinks they cannot cook, this recipe is for you. Don’t be “one of those” who stop at Whole Foods for something from the deli to bring to a potluck. Or a frozen Trader Joes fan. To a party?? Be a hero; bring homemade, […]

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A Valentine’s Meal You Can Do, Sherie

Sherie and I were great pals in high school. She’s since raised three boys into independent grown men. Has been married forever. So I was surprised when she recently told me she “cannot cook.” Or doesn’t cook. Or is afraid to cook, the conversation was spotty since we were with a group of 15 fellow RHHS gal pals. But I didn’t forget it.

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Thelma’s Popovers

Larry makes his mom’s golden, airy popovers skillfully.  Some recipes in our household are his alone, and this is definitely one.  If I proclaimed a decision to make some popovers, fuggeddaboudit.  Not allowed.  He has his giant binder of recipes and I have mine. My mother-in-law, Thelma is now 88 and doesn’t cook anymore.  A […]

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