Count The Silver ~ A Post-Party Tip

When I was a bride and hosted my first extended family party, my mother-in-law offered to help clean up – did I want her to “count the silver?” Shocked, annoyed, what an insult!  Did she REALLY think a family member would pocket a spoon?  (If you’re “in the know,” you see where this is going…)

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I Think About Food A Lot

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Here I am at one year of age, clearly not happy with being jailed for some infraction of toddlerhood. I was a robust baby; mom says I was born “full grown” at 9+ lbs. Second of five girls. No dessert unless you finished dinner.

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How To Stay Married For 99 Years

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Thirty-two years ago this week, as my dad walked me down the aisle to marry Larry, I remember noticing how “sparse” 150 people seemed (discovering later that our map drove friends straight through the path of an Armed Forces Day parade). Oh well… Larry and I giggled through the entire ceremony. And that was an […]

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Happy Birthday to my Dad

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This is me with my dad, the handsomest man I know (sorry, Larry, you are a close second). Today is Dad’s 86th birthday! We all grew up knowing that mom married the hottest guy in Kewaunee, a source of pride to us. Dad was born in Suring, a small town in northern Wisconsin, and moved […]

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