Denise Vivaldo

Careers, Connections & the Art of Reinvention

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Stick your neck out. Show up. Say yes to opportunity. Be kind to everyone on your way up. Eyes wide open. Face fear. Change when you need to. Or, change when you decide you WANT to. The Southern California IACP regional conference on “Careers, Connections and the Art of Reinvention” delivered on its promise to […]

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What Women Over 40 Should Pack For Paris

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A better title for this is, “What one woman over 50 researched, purchased, packed for a winter’s week in Paris during Fashion Week.” (The 40-age-mention was for Google searches.)

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Pierre & Paulette, A Parisian Love Story

The story of Pierre and Paulette may need a little explaining, unless you are a Facebook friend of mine or Denise Vivaldo’s. We recently traveled to Paris, many thanks to Denise (links below tell you more). Denise sometimes travels with little plush toys from the Idaho Potato Commission called Spuddy Buddy. She photographs “Tater and […]

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Eating in Paris

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A dreamy week in Paris; how I got there sans Larry should be noted. My longtime food pro friend, Denise Vivaldo had two books nominated for prestigious Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook Awards, and she invited ME to join her. She also was a featured presenter at the Paris Cookbook Fair, teaching food styling […]

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Kitchen Conversions

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My desk has a copy of Denise Vivaldo’s brand new The Entertaining Encyclopedia. Denise is a presenter at the upcoming Camp Blogaway Bootcamp for Food & Recipe Bloggers. A powerhouse in the food styling world, this book is a whopper of a resource. And sometimes it is the “small” nuggets of info that are why […]

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