Happy Birthday Lemon Bars for my Dad

The weekend of my dad’s 87th birthday is also the weekend of Camp Blogaway with 90 passionate foodies in the local mountains. The conflict, of course, is how to not be a jerk of a kid. WHEW, Cousin Wendy hosted Easter at her house, which gave me a visit with my pop. ACK a gift!!  […]

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My Dad’s Beer Basted Bratwurst for Octoberfest

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Maybe 15 years or so ago, Larry and I helped my folks with one of their wild parties.  On the menu: Beer Basted Bratwurst.  My parents have a “gang;” their decades-long connection is St. John Fisher grammar school, all the gang’s assorted kids started there. We lived on The Peninsula (they still do), a horsey, […]

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Happy Birthday to my Dad

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This is me with my dad, the handsomest man I know (sorry, Larry, you are a close second). Today is Dad’s 86th birthday! We all grew up knowing that mom married the hottest guy in Kewaunee, a source of pride to us. Dad was born in Suring, a small town in northern Wisconsin, and moved […]

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