Dominos in Cuba, The Game, Not The Pizza ~ Rules & Strategies

Don’t worry, American fast food pizza has not yet arrived in Cuba. But “Dominos” is well known throughout the island. Dominos, the tile game, is a ritual, probably nightly for many passionate players.

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Postcards from Cuba–We Visited a Second Time. Why? I Love The People.

Cuba, I love the people. Busy with things that matter. Music, haircut, pottery, breadbaking, fishing, dance, painting, sewing, a rancher with a chicken on his head, ration butchers, cemetery manager, music teacher, taxi.

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Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche with a Cuban Touch–Bijol!

It is 3:30 PM, Sunday afternoon. Neither lunchtime nor dinnertime. I’d spent the morning packing meals at Project Angel Food. Came home and took a 3 mile walk. Football on the TV. The house has a chill – all good reasons to turn on the oven.  A Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche idea “showed […]

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Eating & Drinking in Cuba ~ Good Eats (But You Might Want to Bring a Bottle of Hot Sauce)

“The food in Cuba is not so good,” said a friend who’s been.  Liar!!  I found plenty of awesome eats and washed it all down with copious amounts of rum. Here’s my photo gallery of eating in Cuba. Beans, rice, chicken, beef, lobster, shrimp, soup, salad, fruit, ice cream, eggs, pasta, pizza, ham, pork, plantains, […]

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Why Cuba Has So Many Classic American Cars

We just returned from the island of Rum, Cigars, Great Music and Beautiful Women – Cuba. There, we got the feeling that time had somehow stopped. And it was there that we witnessed thousands of Cubans going about their daily lives, transported via late-50’s American automobiles.

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