While Harvesting Idaho Potatoes, A Killer CORN Recipe Also Showed Up

Waffle fries made from uber-fresh Idaho potatoes, above, were just one of a dozen ways we experienced the harvest. We food bloggers gladly devoured our way through the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest via (1) salty chips, (2) baked, (3) O-Brien, (4) waffled, (5) three types of salads at the home of Hoffs Farms (four generations […]

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The Best Baked Corn Recipe I’ve Tried

Interesting what a smidge of sugar does for a savory corn recipe. This was published a few Christmases ago in Parade magazine. I LOVED the short list of staple ingredients. Now, I will readily admit that when someone refers to a recipe as “Best,” that doesn’t mean much. But when Larry goes back for seconds, whoa… […]

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Larry’s Best Caramel Corn

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Larry is a good cook, and an enthusiastic one. Sometimes we practically arm wrestle “who gets to make what” when we feed other people. But he usually wants to be the dessert guy, so he selected caramel corn for our picnic in the Hollywood Forever cemetery with Cathi and Barry. He was all over this […]

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Corn, Potato & Cheddar Chowder

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Soup is fine. This one of corn and potatoes, seasoned with Mexican spices and topped with cheese is only 233 calories and 3 grams of fat per serving, according to Martha. I tore the recipe out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine, then made a few adjustments.

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