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When Larry Cooked Like a Real Italian

Montone, Umbria, Italy — Our cooking class instructor assured us this was THE Umbrian recipe to master – a lemony olive oil cake. Chef Judith Klinger of Aroma Cucina put Larry to work in her killer Italian kitchen in Montone. Husband/partner Jeff Albucher was attentive dishwasher, bartender and M.C., regaling us in Umbrian history and […]

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Feta Psiti – Greek Oven Baked Feta

Feta is the flavor of Greece.  For the uninitiated, it’s slightly pungent, on the dryer side, crumbly, soft, and versatile as all get-out.  This night, we made Psiti – Oven Baked Feta, an appetizer served with crusty bread.

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Greek Chicken Frikase–Yes I Spelled That Right

This Frikase is not Fricassee. This Frikase recipe is Greek – a super tender chicken dish cooked up with romaine lettuce, then swirled (NOT stirred) with a lip-smacking egg lemon sauce. Even reheated two days later, it was still yummy. I just love lemon-flavored Greek eats.

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Non-Cooks: Yes YOU Can Make Homemade Tamales

Marty, my co-volunteer at the hospital, says he doesn’t cook.  In an effort to fix that, his wife, Irma gave him a series of cooking classes taught by Fresh Food in a Flash blogger, Chef Patricia Rose. April’s class sounded like too much fun (a reasonable $40 price was the clincher to me), so Larry, […]

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Sautéed Chard with Garlic and Lemon ~ a Rancho La Puerta Cooking Class

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When the alarm went off at 5:30 AM on Day 2 of our Rancho La Puerta stay, I silently hoped the night’s rain was still falling. Our casita was soooo cozy. Nope, the sky was clear. Travel buddy, Cathi and I had 30 minutes to get to the meeting place for sunrise and a 4 […]

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The Chef, The Designer, The Kitchen and The Party

Ordinarily, I write here about cooking, trips and/or the antics of our Gourmet Club. But for this post, I was urged by Club Member Laura to write about the KITCHEN of our most recent dinner party, and the DESIGNER, who also happens to be in our Club. Laura is right, it doesn’t always have to […]

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Patti’s Mojo Spice Blend

Last autumn, we took a cooking class at the South Bay School of Cooking. The instructor’s spinach-stuffed chicken breast recipe featured a secret ingredient: her Mojo – a homemade blend of kosher salt, lemon zest and dried Italian herbs. Which made me think of the jumble of herbs in our spice pantry. Once home, I […]

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Seared Sea Scallops in Saffron Burre Blanc with Sautéed Spinach

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Christmas present to Larry: a cooking class at Sur La Table. He picked “Date Night Paris in April” with Chef Martin Gilligan at LA Farmer’s Market location. I’ll post more recipes soon – watch for them – but to begin, here is one of the easiest: Seared Sea Scallops in Saffron Burre Blanc on Sautéed […]

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