My Panda Express “Top Chef” Experience

Walk out our front door, head East on foot, the closest restaurant is a half mile straight into the UCLA campus… Panda Express. I like their food. I also run errands then – buy stamps (US post office in Ackerman Union) and greeting cards (Bruin Bookstore).  So what is this photo of a non-existent Dancing […]

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Scenes from the Aetna Healthy Food Fight Competition

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This is the Rancho Cucamonga regional cookoff for the Aetna Healthy Food Fight Recipe Contest.  A more in-depth post is {probably} coming; the contest is still running and no word on which recipe (it ain’t mine, I can tell you that) will progress from this regional cookoff to the finals mid-November. I cooked my uber-healthy […]

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Guest Recipe ~ Plum Frangipane Tart by Gisele of Pain Perdu

My readers here know by now that I had a big event last Saturday when I produced the Day Camp of Camp Blogaway. One of our sponsors, Viking Range surprised us with door prizes, which lead me to think… hmmmm, bloggers LOVE to cook and they love to compete. Thus, a “Bonus Competition” was born.  […]

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Roadkill Cake

In the spirit of a kicking off your fun, long holiday weekend, I present this ROADKILL CAKE.  No, I didn’t make this, it was Adriana Shoning’s blue ribbon winner in the Ugly Cake Contest at the Iowa State Fair, a competition for teens.  Animal lovers like me needn’t stew…  better this happened to a cake […]

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Hot Beef Sundae at the Iowa State Fair

Larry and I were in our “collecting states” travel mode and he needed Iowa.  So, we attended the Iowa State Fair and acquired something more than another pin in our map.  We got a dose of delightful.   And it was quite the food adventure. Movies like the Bridges of Madison County are my favorite – […]

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