Chilled Gazpacho

Somebody tell me:  why does any vacation now result in me coming home with a “muffin top” (aka pot belly)?  I’m technically a lean-ish person, but lately, yikes.   Even places with not great food, I channel Miss Piggy.  Thus, when we get back home to our “grind of choice” (as my friend, Cathi calls it), […]

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Danielle’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

The idea is simple, but who actually takes time to make them??  YUM.  My niece, Danielle, is an excellent dessert maker.  Isn’t she a cutie?  At last weekend’s family reunion, she dazzled us with her desserts, and Larry would vote the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches as his top choice.  I was scarfing the Lemon Angel […]

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How to Make Pug-sicles For Dog Days

Update: 7-19-10. Today was Sake’s last day with us. This past weekend was so rough; he was clear with his wishes and asked that we have the honor of putting him down. Anyone who has done this knows the heavy heart we have, yet I can say with all honesty that pets are very lucky we […]

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