Postcard From the Land of Juan Valdez ~ Colombia

Some TV commercials stick in my memory for decades. JUAN VALDEZ, remember him? He taught us about “the richest coffee beans in the world.” Sort of cartoony, he did his thing hand-picking coffee beans in the mountains of Columbia, always accompanied by his donkey.

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Hot Coffee ~ We Saw The Movie

Remember the lady who sued McDonald’s for millions of dollars after she spilled their hot coffee in her lap?  If you one day have the chance to see the movie Hot Coffee, I think you might find it quite worthwhile.  I now know what a Tort is… besides a yummy dessert. This is a teensy […]

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Travel Drip Coffee Pot

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We’re in prep mode for an adventure to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. We have all the gizmos and whiz bang thingies road warriors have, but maybe YOU don’t have one of these. Not only is it a travel sized coffee pot, it is DRIP. Great for places with no in-room hot water pots. Not so […]

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Mmmm Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes with Kahlua Buttercream Frosting

The beginning of my friendship with Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, the powerhouse behind wildly successful culinary blog The Kitchn, was steeped in Kahlua.  She was probably in the fifth grade.  It’s a fun story. My boutique PR firm had Kahlua as a client for many years.  Pretty yummy work; our best PR efforts were culinary-focused.  Over […]

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