First Solo Adventure Trip? Choose Morocco. I’m Serious!

In the Overseas Adventure Travel catalog, their Morocco Sahara Odyssey has a special flag: “A Solo Traveler’s Favorite.” Our recent group had 15 travelers – 3 couples and the rest solo women (YEA women!). Youngest was 43, oldest was 78. Two teams of solos knew each other, the rest just came. Brave!

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Our Glam Sahara Tent Camp ~ Overseas Adventure Travel to Morocco

This is our private tent, above. In the Sahara Desert. Middle of absolutely NOWHERE. Up ‘til only two or three years ago, this two-night experience on the Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) tour of Morocco was an adventure in reeeelly roughing it. As in, basic canvas tents, shared outhouse, sink stand propped up in the sand. […]

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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda. You Read That Right

That is a silverback gorilla chewing on a tree. But he isn’t the entire reason I have the look of fear on my face. It’s because I am holding on for dear life to not slip down the rain-soaked mountain,  basically how I felt all this day.  Because we DID fall a lot.  But that […]

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What to Pack for Africa

YES! Another trip to Africa planned. Yet… Recently, a friend going on her first safari asked a simple question, “What is your number-one recommended item to pack?” One?? When only allowed 26 lbs. of luggage total, EVERY ITEM is vital. After I emailed her with this collection of suggestions from our three trips, I decided […]

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Botswana Bush Tea and Shortbread

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This post is long overdue. When we were on a safari last spring, besides photographing animals, I certainly shot a lot of food photos. If you are a foodie, and a traveler, and adventurer, HURRY and take a trip like this.  Warning, African safaris are as uncomfortable as they are comfortable.  “UN” because you freeze. […]

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Farfalle with Mushroom and Prosciutto Ragu

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The backstory for this recipe is, admittedly, lame. I basically tore a recipe from a newspaper. Despite my home economics degree and decades-long food career, I don’t create many original recipes.  My collection is pretty much everyone else’s work that I have tweaked to suit our tastes. What I’m good at is feeding Larry, someone who likes what […]

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How to Fold A Napkin Into An Ostrich

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Tablescaping at the Lianshulu Lodge in Namibia was fanciful. Each meal was decorated with fresh-cut branches, intriguing little pods, local craft art such as warthogs and dragonflies. One evening, the napkins were folded as ostriches, and later we were taught the technique. I was EXCITED for the demo, don’t laugh.

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Namibia Sunset Orange Blossom Cake

African sunsets go on forever; the sun drops behind the horizon quickly, then melts the sky into a full hour of magnificence. Considering there are no buildings to block the view, hundreds of miles of horizon can (and do) glow every night.

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Eating on an African Safari

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When you travel 30+ hours to get home from Southern Africa, jet lag can be a whopper. But a great use of time at 4 AM is photo management. African light is naturally stunning. Morning light differed from mid-day, and sundown yet again different. It was easy for my little Canon G-10 to document how […]

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