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Host a Block Party and Reap Warm Fuzzies

First question you’re asking: “Why would I want to host a block party?”  Easy: to meet your neighbors. Longer answer: so neighbors meet each other, start sharing ideas, compare safety info, exchange resources like babysitters and handymen, indulge in a little kvetching (405 Fwy. widening project a hot topic here) and my favorite bennie, see […]

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My Favorite {aka Best} Recipes ~ A Roundup

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Early in this blog’s life, I published my go-to recipes. I know their outcome, and I cook them often. But they have fallen deep, deep, deep into the archives after years of new posts. No! Don’t get lost, my little favs! Here are my 10 go-do recipes, which means they are my family’s “best.”

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Frozen Soup ~ Product Review and Celebrity Schmooze

9:30 PM – I was not thirsty. That is an important observation. Just a few hours earlier, I was one of a collection of food bloggers sampling a new line of frozen soups: Bertolli Premium Meal Soups for Two.

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Hot Coffee ~ We Saw The Movie

Remember the lady who sued McDonald’s for millions of dollars after she spilled their hot coffee in her lap?  If you one day have the chance to see the movie Hot Coffee, I think you might find it quite worthwhile.  I now know what a Tort is… besides a yummy dessert. This is a teensy […]

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I Have Gray Hair

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OMG, There’s A Spa Within Walking Distance of Our Home

Our neighborhood is a wreck. Westwood and Brentwood area, Southern California. The 405 freeway widening project, now known the world over for “carmageddon,” is exhausting. Noise level, grit, gridlock and general construction chaos make it nearly impossible to feel peaceful anywhere outside of our own homes. Don’t bother walking with an iPod unless you crank […]

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I Think About Food A Lot

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Here I am at one year of age, clearly not happy with being jailed for some infraction of toddlerhood. I was a robust baby; mom says I was born “full grown” at 9+ lbs. Second of five girls. No dessert unless you finished dinner.

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Carmageddon Report ~ When You Live In “The Zone”

Hello from Los Angeles! I shot this from the top of the Angelino Hotel. Larry and I live just East of the 405 freeway, and south of Sunset Boulevard. It’s now officially Carmageddon; the freeway is closed for 53 hours in order to knock down half of the Mulholland Bridge, and clean up in time […]

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A Dorie Greenspan Lovefest and One Of Her Secret Ingredients

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Neither of these two in the photo are Dorie Greenspan. Now, I have to assume YOU are a person who loves food. And if you love food, you cannot be unaware of Dorie Greenspan. She is ubiquitous; in Austin, Texas this past week, she was EVERYWHERE. More about that in a sec… this handsome guy […]

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Pierre & Paulette, A Parisian Love Story

The story of Pierre and Paulette may need a little explaining, unless you are a Facebook friend of mine or Denise Vivaldo’s. We recently traveled to Paris, many thanks to Denise (links below tell you more). Denise sometimes travels with little plush toys from the Idaho Potato Commission called Spuddy Buddy. She photographs “Tater and […]

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Everyone Should Take A Cruise One Day

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Cup o’ tea in the Todd English restaurant aboard the Cunard Queen Victoria Ocean Liner. It’s been some time since we cruised, and this wasn’t one of them. We were docked.

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I Want To Talk You Into Volunteering

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Looking for a New Year’s Resolution to help others besides yourself? Volunteer. I came late to community volunteering. My pro bono work was always career-focused. Committee work for professional associations. PR support. Program chair. Treasurer. President. Only in the past two years have I discovered more satisfying types of volunteering. This past Thanksgiving, Larry joined […]

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Dining In The Dark

  You have not seen a restaurant review on this blog. I’m easy: I like to eat in restaurants, never send food back, always clean my plate. This review is about an experience, not the menu; our dinner at the restaurant Opaque wasn’t anything I expected.  Their marketing is European-ish, but the actual dining is… […]

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