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Sautéed Chard with Garlic and Lemon ~ a Rancho La Puerta Cooking Class

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When the alarm went off at 5:30 AM on Day 2 of our Rancho La Puerta stay, I silently hoped the night’s rain was still falling. Our casita was soooo cozy. Nope, the sky was clear. Travel buddy, Cathi and I had 30 minutes to get to the meeting place for sunrise and a 4 […]

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Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche with a Cuban Touch–Bijol!

It is 3:30 PM, Sunday afternoon. Neither lunchtime nor dinnertime. I’d spent the morning packing meals at Project Angel Food. Came home and took a 3 mile walk. Football on the TV. The house has a chill – all good reasons to turn on the oven.  A Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche idea “showed […]

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Sautéed Spinach with Almond Cream and Arils ~ Christmas Colored!

Rich, creamy, Christmas-y! This is one gorgeous platter of Sautéed Spinach with Almond Cream and Arils. According to its source, Chef Virginia, the recipe only has 167 calories a serving. I think THAT fact makes it even more gorgeous. Nom, nom, nom.

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Zucchini Cheese Tart

What an appetizer! More like an appetite-spoiler… at THIS party (Gourmet Club), the plan is to cook and eat for HOURS. How would that be possible if we started off with this flaky, cheesy, mustardy, bubbly hot Zucchini Cheese Tart? 

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Cherry Tomato Crockpot Soup

When a friend hands you 100+ homegrown, very ripe cherry tomatoes, just say THANKS and grab the slow cooker. This Fresh Cherry Tomato Soup crockpot recipe is a great idea, if I do say so myself. Sure, I could have made a ton of salsa, or salads out the wazoo, but I worked for the […]

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Fresh Beets and Farfalle

This has been a Big Summer o’ Beets. Not complaining; here’s another beet-infused recipe. Honesty, if I tried harder I would find a whole wheat bowtie pasta, but this is DAMN GOOD.  There, I said it – we attempt to eat whole wheat but luv the white stuff. Fresh Beets and Farfalle is a pretty […]

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Indian Spices on U.S. Store Shelves

Hey, I can’t believe I forgot this post was in DRAFT mode!  Larry and I rang in last New Year’s in India. What American food blogger travels all the way to India and doesn’t publish the ubiquitous “spices in sacks” shot?  Well, here it is, above. And now, what to do about it…

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The Best Baked Corn Recipe I’ve Tried

Interesting what a smidge of sugar does for a savory corn recipe. This was published a few Christmases ago in Parade magazine. I LOVED the short list of staple ingredients. Now, I will readily admit that when someone refers to a recipe as “Best,” that doesn’t mean much. But when Larry goes back for seconds, whoa… […]

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Patti’s Mojo Spice Blend

Last autumn, we took a cooking class at the South Bay School of Cooking. The instructor’s spinach-stuffed chicken breast recipe featured a secret ingredient: her Mojo – a homemade blend of kosher salt, lemon zest and dried Italian herbs. Which made me think of the jumble of herbs in our spice pantry. Once home, I […]

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Champinones Rellenos ~ Guest Post by Julieta of Lindaraxa’s Garden

Mushrooms from Worth The Whisk

FROM JULIETA:  I am delighted that Patti has asked me to share this easy tapas recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms, or Champinones Rellenos, with her readers.  My name is Julieta and I blog about my cooking and recipes at Lindaraxa’s Garden.

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Mom’s Scalloped Potatoes & Her Thing About Butter

Gloria's Scalloped Potatoes by Worth The Whisk

Let’s see if I paid attention to how my mom, Gloria, made her scalloped potatoes. She was always peeling potatoes; there were seven of us. And she had no recipe box if I remember, just a mental arsenal of foods we would consume without debate. There were no extra items for any fussy eater. Either […]

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Scallops, Bok Choy and Mushrooms Over Barley for UCLA’s Dr. S

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Friday afternoons, I’m an Info Desk Volunteer at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Not only do I work alongside Volunteer Marty who is interesting, smart and has good stories, ours is the “witching hour” — the pace transitions from slow week to wild weekend. Everybody needs something, including lots of docs. When Dr. Preethi […]

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Roasted Sea Bass with Ratatouille

Ratatouille. This is something I’ve avoided all my life due to the dreaded ingredient – eggplant! I never ate that veggie in my youth. Larry’s mom cooked hers to smithereens, so it is yuck to him, too. We never order anything eggplant in restaurants. Only thing aubergine in our lives is Larry’s extensive wardrobe of […]

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