Ridiculously Easy, Best Quiche Recipe Ever

Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Meatless. Meat-lover. Drop-in guests. Comfort food. Picnic fare. Potluck. It is ridiculously easy to make quiche (and cheap!) When you serve it, people say, “I love quiche!  Why don’t I make it more often?”  Just happened to me yesterday, fed two friends lunch, and they literally did not stop raving. This […]

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Egg-Topped Brown Rice ~ Why It’s A Breakfast of Champions

In pretty much any country in the world – especially developing ones – I can get an egg over rice for breakfast. I just luv it. It keeps me going until lunch. Nutrition and balance excellent; the yum factor is a bonus.

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Salade Lyonnais: a Bacon and Egg Salad. This is About the Egg

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This is an homage to the perfect poached egg atop salads at our Gourmet Club potluck dinner last weekend. Salade Lyonnais: lettuce, quality bacon, homemade croutons, fresh-made vinaigrette and that glorious warm poached egg on top.

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Asparagus and Cilantro Baked Omelet

This is what I baked up with whatever I found in the fridge that morning. Kind of a Whatever Baked Omelet — no crust, so it wasn’t a quiche.  Frittata? Whatever! It’s just eggs, milk, cheese, asparagus and cilantro.

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Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche with a Cuban Touch–Bijol!

It is 3:30 PM, Sunday afternoon. Neither lunchtime nor dinnertime. I’d spent the morning packing meals at Project Angel Food. Came home and took a 3 mile walk. Football on the TV. The house has a chill – all good reasons to turn on the oven.  A Potato Crusted Onion and Cilantro Quiche idea “showed […]

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Warm Egg Salad Sandwich with Provolone

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This elegant restaurant lunch will be simple to replicate at home, I think. Oh wait, maybe its anchovy butter could be a challenge here. But I don’t feel bad suggesting this — I live in LA and my Warm Egg Salad Sandwich was happily consumed at San Francisco’s Il Cane Rosso – who knows when […]

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Guest Post by Erika at In Erika’s Kitchen: Scrambled Eggs with Kale and Provolone

It sure is nice to have food friends with great recipes to guest post for me. Meet Erika who not only works a crazy full-time schedule but is mom to 2 boys, wife to Mr., blogs at In Erika’s Kitchen and columnist at LA Cooking Examiner.  Erika writes: When Patti was looking for guest recipes to […]

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Guest Post by Jen at Domestic Divas – "White Trash" Bacon & Egg Salad Sandwiches

From Jen: This year, I had the pleasure of volunteering with Patti at the Stir It 28 Fundraiser for Haiti, where I provided two dishes, one of which was my “White Trash” Bacon & Egg Salad Sandwiches.  I created this recipe specially for Stir It 28, and Patti loved it so much, she asked me […]

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Saturday Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Friday, we start “refrigerator management,” our ritual to unearth mismatched or unplanned-for things in the fridge and figure out meals to use them up. We don’t waste food, including leftovers. I grocery shop once a week, that’s it.

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Australian Impossible Pie

The internet is a magic carpet ride for me when I go recipe surfing. And I’m drawn to Australian food blogs, like Gourmet Jack. His slogan: Foodie Nirvana, Australian Style. There he presented Impossible Pie — is it really impossible? Coconut, crustless, custardy… crikey – sounds great!

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How To Tell if An Egg Is Raw or Hard Cooked

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You’re at the cabin. Everyone else is out hiking. You want an omelet. There’s a bowl of eggs in the fridge. DANG IT, nobody labeled them! Are they raw? Hard cooked? You are smart, you studied physics in school… remember “inertia?” Take the egg and spin it on a smooth surface. Touch it for a […]

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Zinfandel Soaked Cherry Clafoutis

There was Larry, the winning bidder of a Food Lover’s Basket at a recent fundraising event for Project Angel Food.  I was eyeing something a little more WOW, like the beauty basket which included botox services; I was outbid. The experience turned out OK, the basket had a pile of autographed cookbooks, biscotti, and a […]

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Wisconsin Schaum Tortes

Happy birthday to my mom, Gloria.  She used to make us Schaum Tortes. Googling around, I had a laugh reading, “Unless you’re from Wisconsin, you won’t know what a Schaum Torte is.”  I’m a native Californian who ate a lot of ‘em but that makes sense… both my folks are from Wisconsin.  Mom, a Kewaunee […]

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