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Truvy’s Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa from Steel Magnolias

Movie food grabs my attention. One favorite is Steel Magnolias.  I watch practically any time it airs — food has such an active role.  The Easter eggs getting smashed in Truvy’s car trunk starts it off.  Truvy (Dolly Parton) and Annelle (Darryl Hannah) scooping corn and potatoes at the fair while updating Shelby (Julia Roberts) […]

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Larry’s Famous Brownies As Seen in Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit, June 2000 issue, page 169: “Chocolate Chip Brownies” by Larry Steven Londre. As I re-read the article after all these years, I’m still amazed. Not that his recipes were published, but rather the side of “cheese” that accompanied them. Yes, his brownies are fabulous, extremely dense and chocolaty with a Kahlua kick. The […]

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Graham Cracker Chewy Bars

Last week’s Neighborhood Watch meeting, Hostess Jane served what I thought were Blondies. Gimme one, and one for Larry. When Jane told us she clipped the recipe from the LA Times, I thought: are you serious? I haven’t seen a recipe worth tearing out of our local paper for ages, how did I miss a […]

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Danielle’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

The idea is simple, but who actually takes time to make them??  YUM.  My niece, Danielle, is an excellent dessert maker.  Isn’t she a cutie?  At last weekend’s family reunion, she dazzled us with her desserts, and Larry would vote the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches as his top choice.  I was scarfing the Lemon Angel […]

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