Beef & Lamb

Charred Bone Marrow ~ Angels Sang When I Tasted It

Maybe you won’t find this enlightening, as you have eaten bone marrow.  Larry and I watched a TV episode of Anthony Bordain wallowing in the consumption of a roasted bone marrow dish and we both went, ???   But now, I’ve been there myself.  Charred bone marrow appetizer.  It is, as I came to experience, […]

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Warm Greek-Style Lamb Salad

  Warm Greek-Style Lamb Salad. I’ve posted about our Gourmet Club before; themed dinner parties where four couples cook. Apologies to hosts Ricki and John, I hijacked this evening’s theme because a shipment of Superior Farms American lamb was coming and, whoa, it was a generous supply. A rack, a leg and ground lamb. Ricki […]

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Non-Cooks: Yes YOU Can Make Homemade Tamales

Marty, my co-volunteer at the hospital, says he doesn’t cook.  In an effort to fix that, his wife, Irma gave him a series of cooking classes taught by Fresh Food in a Flash blogger, Chef Patricia Rose. April’s class sounded like too much fun (a reasonable $40 price was the clincher to me), so Larry, […]

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Route 66 Legend ~ Hanging With Bobby Lee at his Big Texan Steakhouse

Steak, corn, bread, salad. Just what the doctor ordered the day we rolled into Amarillo on our Route 66 road trip. You’ve seen the Big Texan Steakhouse on the Food Network, right? Man vs. Food. Or in travel books… “Home Of The Free 72 Oz. Steak!” We watched anxiously for signs of it off the […]

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Crockpot Beef, Mushroom, Barley & Rosemary Soup

Crockpot Beef Mushroom Barley Soup by Worth The Whisk

It isn’t often that I cook with beef. I’m CHEAP, remember? But Omaha Steaks was having a sale and that’s my (frugal) chance to fill the freezer with steaks and burgers. Somehow I added Tri Tips to that order, apparently part of a package. Hmmm, really cold weather and chunks of beef at my culinary […]

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Claro’s Italian Meatballs

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A TV show featuring Claro’s Italian Market resulted in Larry and me driving an hour to Arcadia just for the experience (not immediately, but we keep notes of stuff like this and Larry finally said, “can we pleeeeeze go to Claro’s???”) After consuming awesome subs and ogling at cheeses, meats, dry goods and hot foods, […]

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Mad Housewife Boeuf Bourguignon

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This stovetop was a total mess.  You should have seen the counters and sinks.  Making Boeuf Bourguignon was like an intense Top Chef challenge with myself. But when you attend the Julie & Julia movie, you’ll understand this urge to make boeuf bourguignon.  The dish was practically one of the actors in the film, its […]

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Hot Beef Sundae at the Iowa State Fair

Larry and I were in our “collecting states” travel mode and he needed Iowa.  So, we attended the Iowa State Fair and acquired something more than another pin in our map.  We got a dose of delightful.   And it was quite the food adventure. Movies like the Bridges of Madison County are my favorite – […]

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