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Grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig From a Cutting ~ Plus Care Tips

I have a love for Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, the current “it” plant of interior decorators — you see them in model homes, magazines, Pinterest pix, and home sales photos. Yes, you can grow one yourself.

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How to Paint a Permanent Outdoor Rug for Under $150 ~ On Concrete or Rooftop or Deck or Patio or Wherever

We have a rooftop patio, awesome for watching the sun set, seeing planes take off from LAX over that hill in the distance, snooping on goings-on (a few years back, Modern Family filmed an episode directly below, FUN watching). Unfortunately, the sun up there is brutal. In a single year, our outdoor rug disintegrated. Lightbulb […]

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Bacara Resort’s Drought Gesture ~ Clever Idea for California Gardens

California 2015, the drought carries on. We’re supposed to reduce water usage; I don’t believe many people do much to make a dent. Look at this option, thanks Bacara Resort in Goleta, CA. Fountains are shut off and planted with succulents and trinkets.

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Repurpose Wine Bags For More Gift Uses

We drink wine. We give parties. A LOT of wine gifts come thru our door, no complaints! The wine bags? I often repurpose them into smaller gift bags.  Here is the easy 1, 2, 3…

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International Home + Housewares Show ~ What American Cooks CAN Use

It felt like Dubai crashed into Bed, Bath and Beyond. A trade show of stuff with something for any home on the planet. This was THE trade show for new or improved, classic or kitchy, high end or cheap, useful or useless STUFF. If you are girly, it’s mecca.

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Anyone Can Install This Kitchen Utensil Rod

Does your kitchen lack storage space for utensils?  Look at them closely — most can be hung.  Get ready for a nifty and impossibly easy craft — install a Kitchen Utensil Rod.  I made this with a spring-loaded curtain rod and some common “S” hooks.  That’s it, baby.

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Five Holiday Gift Ideas ~ Something for Every Style of Giver

Need an idea?  Cheap?  Do it yourself?  A little pricey but nice?   Blogger Dorothy’s recent post on Shockingly Delicious reminded me to post MINE.  I really DID have a gift ideas post in the works.  Where’s my list, where’s my list?  FOUND IT — under a pile of recipe pages torn from magazines.  Here you […]

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Container Gardening ~ 6 Take Aways From My 5-Week UCLA Extension Course

The new house has no available dirt to dig and plant. What we have are decent sized patios, balconies, and a rooftop terrace.  Thatzalotta square footage that still needs landscaping. Suddenly, our potted plants looked pitiful to me.  Hooray!  The UCLA Extension summer series offered what I really needed – a course in Container Gardening.

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5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas I’d Recommend; 2 I’d Skip

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Julia Child had a kooky kitchen feature: a pegboard with the outline of her pots to precisely hang them in their proper places. Functionality, love it. Three times in my married life, we’ve torn a kitchen to the studs. One was our commercial building (renovated a 50-year-old Hungarian restaurant into offices and professional test kitchen). […]

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Publish Your Own Magazine ~ Photozini Product Review

A few months back, Larry and I hit the LA Travel Show.  It’s a kind of convention for John Q. Public to spend the day scouring hundreds of booths for places to visit and things to buy. Larry and I travel; always good to see what’s out there. If you have a dollar to spend […]

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Wine Cork Trivets ~ A Larry Craft

Larry will be quick to inform you that the collection of wine corks in the tall glass cylinder in our family room is not ALL CORKS (final photo below). There are bricks inside to keep it from toppling. Nevertheless, there were PLENTY of corks available for his craft project, sparked by a sighting at a […]

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Funky But Really Useful Household Thingy

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About the De Odor Works “thingy” — it starts with Home Economics 1-0-1: rubbing smelly hands (wet) on a stainless steel sink eradicates odors like fish, garlic, mildewy-rubber-glove-insides. Yup, true. But it only works with stainless steel. If you have teenagers or other smelly critters in your household, unfortunately you cannot rub their entire bodies inside your […]

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Living on Wisteria Lane

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Wisteria EXPLODES late March in our neighborhood, making it look pretty much like the set of Desperate Housewives. This is not my house; ours is around the corner – within a block of four wisteria vines that demonstrate what TO DO and NOT DO. It’s incredibly easy. It thrives on abuse. So much so, that when you drive […]

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