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Travel Drip Coffee Pot

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We’re in prep mode for an adventure to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. We have all the gizmos and whiz bang thingies road warriors have, but maybe YOU don’t have one of these. Not only is it a travel sized coffee pot, it is DRIP. Great for places with no in-room hot water pots. Not so […]

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Happy Birthday to Me, Thanks Larry

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Larry has been treating me almost daily with birthday gifts.  I sort of stretch this celebration out as long as I can, and today’s goodie was a whisk.  It’s Worth It. This silicone beauty is a Butterfly by Kuhn Rikon, Switzerland.  Feels great in the hand. It took just a couple of whooshes through my […]

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10 Favorite Foodie Swag Items

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This post isn’t about “free products” companies send bloggers in the hopes of scoring positive reviews.  Today I’m writing about what’s known in the biz as “trinkets and trash” – goodies from food companies at the hundreds of trade shows and conferences I’ve attended, lugged home via overstuffed suitcases to outfit my kitchen with their […]

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What Is This Teensy Serving Utensil?

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Antique Spoon

Polishing silverware from Aunt Dede’s estate in preparation for a dinner party here, I discovered this tiny 4-inch long slotted serving piece.  Of course, I could google around and discover it’s truth but it would be more fun to ask out there… what is it? OK, I hear the collective SHE DOES WHAT???  Yes, I […]

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My Third Egg Cooker

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I burned out the first two with use. Almost daily, I have poached eggs with this Oster Egg Cooker. And at least once a week, I hard cook a supply of eggs. For Easter, the machine was working hard. But these gadgets take practice, pretty easy to overcook eggs in it, and this third one […]

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Yogurt Maker

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Some kitchen gadgets are questionable whether one could live without them.   I could probably live without a little yogurt maker.  Throughout history, few cultures had them, yet yogurt is one of the oldest foods we have. The need to make my own yogurt isn’t terribly strong; I’ve turned the process into a weekend puttering ritual.  […]

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