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Larry, Where’s Our Car? ~ Pretty Cool Little Gizmo Review

Larry: What model car did we rent? Me: Black? Larry: You don’t know the make and model? Me: That’s your job. (Now it doesn’t have to be because we have a ZUS car finder and smart phone charger.)

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Unreachable Pantry Space? Build Tilted Shelves–Photo Tutorial

Our home has nine-foot ceilings. The kitchen cabinets had – until now –miles of inaccessible pantry space up in the nosebleed section. Clearly a home economist did NOT design this kitchen. Just tilt those shelves! Here’s my easy photo how-to.

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International Home + Housewares Show ~ What American Cooks CAN Use

It felt like Dubai crashed into Bed, Bath and Beyond. A trade show of stuff with something for any home on the planet. This was THE trade show for new or improved, classic or kitchy, high end or cheap, useful or useless STUFF. If you are girly, it’s mecca.

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Anyone Can Install This Kitchen Utensil Rod

Does your kitchen lack storage space for utensils?  Look at them closely — most can be hung.  Get ready for a nifty and impossibly easy craft — install a Kitchen Utensil Rod.  I made this with a spring-loaded curtain rod and some common “S” hooks.  That’s it, baby.

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Container Gardening ~ 6 Take Aways From My 5-Week UCLA Extension Course

The new house has no available dirt to dig and plant. What we have are decent sized patios, balconies, and a rooftop terrace.  Thatzalotta square footage that still needs landscaping. Suddenly, our potted plants looked pitiful to me.  Hooray!  The UCLA Extension summer series offered what I really needed – a course in Container Gardening.

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Hostess Gift: Your Best Dressing Recipe ~ Yes, I Am CHEAP

Bring a party gift of your best vinaigrette recipe THIS WAY; your host will totally dig it.  No matter that it’s just a recycled jar. Once the dressing is consumed and the jar is washed, the recipe is still there and he/she can prepare it again and again.

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Artisan Bread a la Larry {Cool Kit Involved ~ Product Review}

What makes Larry happy? Awesome artisan bread. We call it “heroin,” he loves it so much. He claims as a kid to have often consumed the better part of a loaf of French bread right after school.  So “Leave It To Beaver” of him.

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No Purse Necessary; Time For My Scottevest!

I’m not the backpack type. At my age, they look dumb. And they seriously tweak my back. For times that I want/need to carry a lot of stuff purse-free (like Paris), I’ve used my Scottevest trench coat. Yet what about hot, sweaty travel? Now I have THE RIGHT VEST.

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5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas I’d Recommend; 2 I’d Skip

Thumbnail image for 5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas I’d Recommend; 2 I’d Skip

Julia Child had a kooky kitchen feature: a pegboard with the outline of her pots to precisely hang them in their proper places. Functionality, love it. Three times in my married life, we’ve torn a kitchen to the studs. One was our commercial building (renovated a 50-year-old Hungarian restaurant into offices and professional test kitchen). […]

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My Treasured Travel Souvenirs

This morning, while emptying the dishwasher, I took an appreciative look at one of my treasures – my Iowa State Fair 2006 pancake syrup pitcher (#7 in the photo). Love that little thing. It works well, and started me thinking… to me, there are only two kinds of travel souvenirs worth buying. Stuff to wear, […]

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Product Review: Très Chic Trench Coat for Road Warriors

Thumbnail image for Product Review: Très Chic Trench Coat for Road Warriors

I’m “posing,” my face had just been done by a Lancôme makeup artist (he was in-between model appointments) at a Vogue-sponsored studio at our lovely Hotel de Crillon, Paris. I felt pretty! Note the trench coat – if you are a road warrior, read on.

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Wine Cork Trivets ~ A Larry Craft

Larry will be quick to inform you that the collection of wine corks in the tall glass cylinder in our family room is not ALL CORKS (final photo below). There are bricks inside to keep it from toppling. Nevertheless, there were PLENTY of corks available for his craft project, sparked by a sighting at a […]

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Funky But Really Useful Household Thingy

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About the De Odor Works “thingy” — it starts with Home Economics 1-0-1: rubbing smelly hands (wet) on a stainless steel sink eradicates odors like fish, garlic, mildewy-rubber-glove-insides. Yup, true. But it only works with stainless steel. If you have teenagers or other smelly critters in your household, unfortunately you cannot rub their entire bodies inside your […]

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