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A Few Favorite Photos and Their Related Posts ~ A Roundup

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My photography skills fall between Good Camera <—> Lucky Shot. I’m not saying these are award-winning, just favs that bring the reader to interesting stories (in my opinion). Larry and I travel quite a bit, and exotic destinations can produce killer shots. But beauties happen right here at home, too.  Enjoy!

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Publish Your Own Magazine ~ Photozini Product Review

A few months back, Larry and I hit the LA Travel Show.  It’s a kind of convention for John Q. Public to spend the day scouring hundreds of booths for places to visit and things to buy. Larry and I travel; always good to see what’s out there. If you have a dollar to spend […]

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Eating on an African Safari

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When you travel 30+ hours to get home from Southern Africa, jet lag can be a whopper. But a great use of time at 4 AM is photo management. African light is naturally stunning. Morning light differed from mid-day, and sundown yet again different. It was easy for my little Canon G-10 to document how […]

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The Backstory on Camp Blogaway Bootcamp for Food Bloggers

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This past summer it struck me, there are plenty of blogging conferences out there, but none offered the specific focus of deconstructing food blogs and teaching how to better each important element, Food Blogging University of sorts.

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5 Rules of Thumb From My Digital Camera Class

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Long, long time ago, I took a photography course.  And promptly forgot everything again, evolving into a lucky photographer.  I hung onto my trusty Canon Powershot S410 as long as possible because, I figured, my vacation shots from numerous visits to Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica were great.  Uh, no they weren’t, Patti, the places were […]

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Bloggers, Protect Your Content

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I am grumpy, dear readers.  Perhaps I should be flattered that an online “newspaper” would want to use my photography on their site.  But I wasn’t, once I discovered they ignored a professional courtesy – they didn’t link back. They used the pix to promote restaurants – a shot of my home cooking in my […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks IV – 10 Easiest Foods to Shoot

My recent visit with stylist Denise Vivaldi of Food Fanatics at her food shoot was eye-opening, but I felt the need to leave with some hope for my own artistic capabilities.  So, I picked the team’s brains as to what they consider “easy” foods to shoot. According to Denise and team members Cindy Flannigan, Jen […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks III – 10 Hardest Foods to Shoot

When pressed, many food bloggers will confess: we’ve set a plate of our delicious upcoming dinner in front of the camera, and all our shots turn out looking like doggy “stuff” (you visualize). Food stylists are magicians who can literally make anything perform for a camera.  They have an arsenal of tools – this kit, […]

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Food Photography Tips & Tricks II – 10 Clever Tools for Bloggers

Hi, are you a food blogger, too? We know the drill: in our studios, there are no food stylists, prop stylists, lighting assistants or photographers. Heck, I have no studio. The stylist is ME, the photographer is ME. And unlike the food for commercial photography, the food blogger’s shoot is destined for… dinner! Recently, I […]

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Food Photography I – 10 Tips and Tricks for Food Bloggers

In a professional studio, when you work with a food stylist, you can pick up great tricks to make foods look glorious.  I’ve always loved studio work, spending days hanging out with creative people (me, faking the appearance that I was in charge of something). Stylists have carloads of kits with every craft item and […]

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