And Larry Is

My husband, who is required to eat my cooking.  We met in 1977 and married 11 months later (see my post on How To Stay Married For 99 Years).  He’s a tall, dark and handsome Marketing and Advertising university prof, expert witness and has a list of marketing clients.

Larry and Penny

His office is the penthouse… mine is the ground floor suite (OK, home offices) and we eat together a lot.  

An excellent baker (his Famous Brownies are a signature recipe) and good eater, he’s fussy about a few things (forget zucchini, mayo, hard cooked eggs, sushi).  Ladies, at the risk of bragging… he will eat leftovers, never wastes food and can scrape together meals with whatever.  He can be fanatical, however.  More than an avid USC alumn, when cut, he bleeds Cardinal and Gold.

Penguins Following Larry in Antarctica

He loves kittens, entertaining, concerts, sports and family.  Larry and I are travel buddies and old married people with a million stories about how we bug each other.  Don’t let him read that part.