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What Women Over 40 Should Pack For Paris

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A better title for this is, “What one woman over 50 researched, purchased, packed for a winter’s week in Paris during Fashion Week.” (The 40-age-mention was for Google searches.)

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Itinerary Ideas For A Foodie’s Trip to Paris

Going to Paris? Have a great passion for Good-Things-Foodie? While some people come to Paris with a list of restaurants to hit, I tend to bring lists of places and things to see. I’m a window shopper, a person who likes to see food-related things in different ways. Oh sure, I also like to eat. […]

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Pierre & Paulette, A Parisian Love Story

The story of Pierre and Paulette may need a little explaining, unless you are a Facebook friend of mine or Denise Vivaldo’s. We recently traveled to Paris, many thanks to Denise (links below tell you more). Denise sometimes travels with little plush toys from the Idaho Potato Commission called Spuddy Buddy. She photographs “Tater and […]

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Eating in Paris

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A dreamy week in Paris; how I got there sans Larry should be noted. My longtime food pro friend, Denise Vivaldo had two books nominated for prestigious Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook Awards, and she invited ME to join her. She also was a featured presenter at the Paris Cookbook Fair, teaching food styling […]

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Gone to Paris

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  Right now, I’m in Paris, shadowing my longtime food pro friend Denise Vivaldo as she travels to the Gourmand Awards, Paris cookbook fair and other French adventures.  Denise’s books are nominated for awards, and she has a food styling demo at the cookbook fair (plus treating herself quite nicely for her birthday).  I am […]

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Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. As In, Aaaaaah

Faithful readers of this blog might be gobsmacked to learn of our stay at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  I am renowned for frugality. And this is a 5- star destination with a decidedly pricey reputation. How our four-day visit came about was kismet; it allowed me the chance to tell YOU, dear readers, […]

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Fresh Peach Pound Cake ~ Where is Virginia Willis When I Need Her?

Let me say, this Two-Step Fresh Peach Pound Cake is hefty.  It’s from Southern Living Magazine, and presented some questions that could have easily been answered if I were Virginia Willis.  Or Nancie McDermott.  Both of my Southern friends — cookbook authors and culinarians extraordinaire — would have instinctively known what to do.

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No Purse Necessary; Time For My Scottevest!

I’m not the backpack type. At my age, they look dumb. And they seriously tweak my back. For times that I want/need to carry a lot of stuff purse-free (like Paris), I’ve used my Scottevest trench coat. Yet what about hot, sweaty travel? Now I have THE RIGHT VEST.

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Travel Posts

What to Pack BELIZE and the Traveling Clothesline ICELAND & GREENLAND – What to Pack and What Not What to Pack for AFRICA What Women Over 40 Should Pack for PARIS Travel Must-Have: Teensy Eyeglass Repair Kit Road Warrior: 10 Tiny Travel Tools Shoes Blues – Packing for a Snorkeling, Hiking, Kayaking, Rafting, Sightseeing Tour Africa  […]

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Why I Luv Hampton Inns

This gal has stayed at some swanky hotels from Paris’ Hotel de Crillion (twice!), to a six-room suite in a Ritz Carlton, and a good number of Four Seasons (thanks, fat-cat PR client Kahlua), … but now, I go on record:  I luv Hampton Inns.  We just hit yet another…

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Jim Morrison’s Last U.S. Home ~ Stay There!

Larry loves experiences, large and small. So when this hit his radar, he was all over it – you can rent Jim Morrison’s West Hollywood apartment. Where Jim and Pamela lived and fought and slept around. Their last U.S. abode before Paris…

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A Few Favorite Photos and Their Related Posts ~ A Roundup

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My photography skills fall between Good Camera <—> Lucky Shot. I’m not saying these are award-winning, just favs that bring the reader to interesting stories (in my opinion). Larry and I travel quite a bit, and exotic destinations can produce killer shots. But beauties happen right here at home, too.  Enjoy!

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Frozen Soup ~ Product Review and Celebrity Schmooze

9:30 PM – I was not thirsty. That is an important observation. Just a few hours earlier, I was one of a collection of food bloggers sampling a new line of frozen soups: Bertolli Premium Meal Soups for Two.

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