Joy Rich Leather Weekender with Wheels ~ Product Review

Women travelers fall into a few categories (adventure, leisure, business, I Wanna Look Rich…). Most of us want to be perceived a certain way when we step up to our destination. This Joy Rich Leather Weekender with Wheels DELIVERS what I want – the I Wanna Look Rich category. 

JOY Rich Leather Weekender with Revolutionary Spinline™ Wheels ~ Product Review

Total transparency, this item was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of a product review. The photos, comments and impressions are my own (but my travel buddy sister, Janie provided me her thoughts, too).  

I hope my observations will manage your expectations about this item: 1) I knew going in that it’s heavier than one might hope, because it is leather, wheeled, and has a substantial retractable handle; 2) it is bigger than you might expect; it is saffiano leather, a stamped super tight “lined” pattern (see below), not flat-smooth. It is not a thick leather, so there can be waves or bumps, which I expect to wear in, smooth out, stretch a tad.

I’ve seen this priced from $159 to $299 depending upon promotions, keep that in line with expectations, too. Onward to features!…

What IS a “weekender?” A two-night valise, duffel, tote, satchel, bag. Here’s what fit: lingerie, 2 t-shirts, pair slacks, sun hat, pashmina, little black dress, kitten heels, a birthday gift, socks, Nikes, bathing suit, slippers, makeup, toiletry kit, flip-flops, notebook, charger, sunglasses, camera, jewelry. I got it all totally zipped in for a two night stay in a nice place (as in, not camping) with my sister, Janie.

Select a COLOR?? Brain freeze due to the yummy choices… I landed on my signature Cognac to match my other luggage, but honestly, gorgeous Orange, Red and Olive were soooo tempting. Janie was aghast that I didn’t select Violet or Teal, her signature colors. Or… Black, Blue, Camel, Gray, Navy, White!

There are pockets upon pockets, some with wiz bang features like RFID protection (Janie relies on in her travel gear). Mesh pockets, pen slips, key fob, hidden zipper compartment in the floor of the item. Janie LOVES such things and packs them perfectly. I tend to lose or forget what’s in them so I pack most everything in the body of the bag.

 And while you are looking (below) at this analog clock hanging on the handle (cute), what I want you to notice is how the strap seams are sealed. Heavy-duty travelers like me can destroy nice things easily. I have to believe this rubberized edging will help keep the seams together for many years to come.

Wheels. Travel eats wheels —  asphalt, cement, carpeting, through airports, over curbs, cobblestones, through puddles, in and out of cabs, busses, car trunk. I’ve literally shattered suitcase wheels and because I believe in keeping and fixing fine things like leather luggage, I have them replaced. These wheels are SMOOOOTH, heavy-duty. They are plastic and eventually I may destroy them, but I’m going to believe that replacement wheels can be had. A hard-traveling girl can only hope, yes?

Handle. See below – It retracts fully into the base, with a tidy zipper closure. Travel = luggage manhandling, stacking, dropping, yanking. There isn’t any way for me to baby a piece of luggage, and some quickly fail due to the quality of the handle. This one is hefty, doesn’t twist or wobble at its full extension. THIS is why being heavy leather is not a bummer, you can save your back and wrists with a good looking wheeled weekender.

The piece stands solidly on its end, but listen up, girlfriend, you need to zip ALL YOUR STUFF totally in there because, you see, it is a roller which means you tip it to roll.  

So, my final word {again} about weight… In the olden days, quality luggage was all leather, super heavy (my career luggage was Hartman… wanna talk HEAVY??). So, I had no expectations that this was something I myself could hoist into an overhead bin (which, by American Airlines criteria, doesn’t fit theirs anyway). For that reason, it’s a stunning road trip piece, something to sleekly glide from vehicle to door, with others looking on, wistfully thinking, “DAMN, she looks RICH. That’s some nice piece of LUGGAGE.” If that’s YOUR daydream… go get it:

Home Shopping Club: Joy Rich Leather Weekender with Revolutionary Spinline (TM) Wheels.

 And here is a great YouTube video of the HSN show featuring this item, very useful to see it in action.

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