Wanna Whale Watch? Be Dramamine-Wise and You Ought to Be Fine

P7071644This is a POSITIVE review of whale watching with Discovery, in Monterey, CA… but you might not get that at first glance because I’m going to warn you… You NEED Dramamine.

I’m not saying this to be flip or negative about the experience. On the contrary, those of us who took the med were spared. And any deck hand on a whale watching expedition PRAYS its passengers take motion sickness meds.P7071677


Never had the chance to shoot the creatures we saw; a little girl from Spain was on my lap; her parents both desperately seasick. On my part, no worries, it’s refreshing being “in the moment” seeing what we could see without trying to get good shots. I brought along a waterproof camera that could hang on my wrist but decided not to even stand up, the boat was pitching wildly. Once I got a seat, I stayed there. And then the Spanish child became part of my story.

NOTE: I wisely heeded the word of Hofsas Hotel owner, Carrie Theis, to take one Dramamine before bed and a second one at breakfast before the 9 AM trip. I suggest you do the same.

Would I recommend Whale Watching? Sure! Just be prepared. The chance of seeing wildlife is high, depending on the season of course. Our day included about six whales, a dozen dolphins and the ever-present seals and sea lions barking and sunbathing. And some jellyfish.

Discovery Whale Watching is on the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California.  It’s not Disneyland… it’s real. Those boats haul ass to get to a location where whales have been spotted, often a rough ride. The Sur Randy boat was on the smaller side, with maybe 30 passengers on our trip. And excellent deckhands who’ve seen it all.


Dress in layers. Winter hat. Drip-dry clothes. Sunscreen. And… no matter how tempted you are to get cozy inside the boat cabin… NOOOOOO. Stay outside on deck, with the horizon in your sight, the entire time. Trust me. I did everything right and appreciated the adventure of a beautiful, brisk day on a rocky rolling ocean.

Full disclosure, I was provided this complimentary trip as a blogger. If I didn’t think it was worth sharing, I wouldn’t be posting. That said, I think it’s a whale of an adventure, just be prepared!


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