Skyspace Slide in LA ~ Anticipation is MUCH Scarier Than The Experience

20160628_183835If something comes with a ticket, Larry wants to do it. So, he booked the Skyspace Slide in downtown LA, PRONTO. Nothing like being a “first.” I’m not afraid of heights, nor of flying through the sky, having bungee jumped, hot air ballooned, helicoptered, parasailed, slid down a glacier on my butt, flown tiny planes into remote places. Sliding on the exterior of the 70th floor of a skyscraper in a glass chute? Nuttin’, honey.


I’m not being flip. It is definitely fun, but really not the life-altering experience you might think. The Skyslide is forty-five feet long, approximately 4 feet wide and made with 1-1/4 inches thick glass. The ride is, at most, 6 seconds long and what I actually saw for that short duration was my hands holding onto the blanket straps; my focus was on trying to stay in the middle of the chute. You swiftly glide on a little carpet, then plop on a super thick cushion with a helper right there.

Yes, you can shoot video as you slide. The helpers say most people watch their own faces on their screens, not really look at the view.

Not much screaming, either. Except for Cindy, our friend, who yelped when her wrist smacked the glass and produced a rug burn.

The observation deck is all glass walls, incredible views of LA in all directions. The binoculars on the deck aren’t very good, so bring your own. Their pricing has a number of options, but if you want to do the deck and slide, plan to pay about $40.00. Kids, seniors have other prices, plus VIP lines, etc.


Order tickets online, or buy at the venue. The location is directly across from the LA Public Library, downtown Los Angeles. The slide and deck are at the tippy top of the U.S. Bank Tower, but the entrance is up the Spanish Steps, just to the west of the skyscraper door.





One more thing, to keep people entertained before they can get out onto the observation deck, there is a Digital Interactive Level, with a variety of technology experiences. (That’s Larry and I, below. No wait, maybe that’s Cindy and Nev?) In the heat of summer, it will definitely help with a nice air conditioned cool-down before heading out to the slide and deck.


Do I think it will be a successful LA attraction? Yes, I do. Downtown is getting more and more interesting to visit, and plenty of tour companies will want such things for clients to experience. It’s clever, and when you can see pretty much all of Los Angeles, on a clear day, that is a good thing.

Skyspace:  633 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071Map It

Directions and parking are here.



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1 fendi August 1, 2016 at 12:21 am

frightening sight while in the glass stairs but the results are amazing

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