Larry, Where’s Our Car? ~ Pretty Cool Little Gizmo Review

Photo credit Patti Londre, American Cars in Cuba Collage

Larry: What model car did we rent?

Me: Black?

Larry: You don’t know the make and model?

Me: That’s your job. (Now it doesn’t have to be because we have a ZUS car finder and smart phone charger.)

I usually find my car. It’s an unusual color (pale green) and model (Jaguar S Type), so it sticks out. Of course, that still means I have to find the ROW I parked in.

But renting a car while traveling is usually dicey for us BOTH to find a nondescript car in a parking lot. We typically get the smallest, cheapest vehicle with a trunk to hide stuff. In Maui recently, everyone rents the same vehicles. So when I received a complimentary “ZUS” ($30 retail) to test as a travel blogger, my lightbulb went off… let’s take it with us on trips (and, of course, keep in my own car at home).


Open the app, it does a little search and points with the distance in feet and directs you compass-style to the car.

ZUS Car Finder and USB Phone Charger — It’s a phone charger with a GPS, and a phone app. Plug it into your car’s “cigarette lighter” (which, my 17-year-old Jag has). Sinc the two just once, then whenever you walk away from your vehicle, your phone can find it again.

  • Drag the little screen up from the bottom, and you see the location of your vehicle on a map.
  • The phone charger? Works fast. Two USB ports so Larry can also use.
  • You can share the location of your car with a friend, just like sending a photo.
  • It tells you the last time you turned your vehicle OFF, too. Down to the second. At a parking meter, set its timer and NEVER get caught running out of meter time.

Want a holiday gift for someone who has everything? THIS is not a bad idea. i.e. Pasadena Rose Bowl attendees, you can FINALLY locate your car out on that dark, squishy golf course after a rousing UCLA – USC football game.

81xIeq99DfL._SL256_Feature List
  • Designed in Germany
  • ElegantShine™ Lighting
  • Smart Device Detection
  • Data Plan Free
  • Titanium Coating
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Smart Car Locator
  • US Military Grade Quality
  • 2x Charging Speed (4.8A)
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • German Bayer Material
  • ZUS Cooling System

DISCLAIMER: the ZUS item was provided to me at no cost to experience and review. I was not compensated otherwise, and the opinions expressed here are my own.

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