Road Warrior Tip of the Day–The Traveling Clothesline

IMG_7600Looking at our Belize beach tents with plenty of lines for drippy stuff, you might wonder why I think a traveling clothesline is necessary.  Well, I’m a laundry nut and I like dry stuff.

This travel clothesline is just a length of twisty cord with hooks and suction cup. The twisty feature frankly doesn’t work, wet clothes are heavy. I have tiny clothespins (true!) but mostly just hang things over. So far, it hasn’t broken. It will soon, definitely.


And I never travel without it, business or vacation. No matter if we’re in a hotel or motel, cruise ship cabin, glamping, beach or safari tent.  There’s almost always something I want to dry INDOORS.  Hook it “wherever.” 


Outdoor lines are WONDERFUL, don’t get me wrong. Hot sun and a steady breeze get things dry and smelling great. Until a cloudburst.

For less than $10, add one to your pack. This is the clothesline I bring everywhere.  In Belize (National Geographic Adventures trip – “Belize – Reefs, Rain Forests and Ruins” – awesome), we were VERY often wet.  Part of the adventure.










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1 Sippitysup March 10, 2015 at 6:54 pm

I’ve been to Belize, but the last thing I thought about was laundry. The result was (of course) I was a stinky, dirty mess. I need you in my travel itinerary. GREG

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