Four Best Thanksgiving Sides (as in, BETTER than what you usually serve)

Kahlua-Pecan-Pie.jpgAs years pass, who sits at your Thanksgiving table will NOT be just the people you grew up with. You’ve got new in-laws, step-families, brides, grooms, neighbors, friends.

Everyone has favorite foods for this holiday. I hate dressing, so I’ll never cook it and serve it. Larry hates it, too. Yet, our nieces cannot dream of Thanksgiving without it (so, they bring it).

If I were to wipe the slate clean of our family “standard” Thanksgiving fare, yet still serve familiar and delicious stuff, I’d go with these:

  • Instead of chips and Lipton onion dip, I’d MUCH prefer shrimp cocktails with This Unbelievebly Best Cocktail Sauce Ever. Agreed that it’s a much more costly option, so maybe save this idea when you’re doing a tiny group. But definitely make this sauce.
  • Instead of green beans, you will thank me when you make The Best Baked Corn I’ve Ever Tried.  I am not lying, this veggie is soooooo yummy.
  • Instead of mashed potatoes, serve Perfect Restaurant Baked Potatoes.  No lumps, no drying out, no runny spuds.  And no stress trying to make good enough gravy.
  • Instead of pumpkin pie, which I adore, try a Kahlua Pecan Pie. It’s the original, classic pie.  OK, I would still serve the pumpkin pie, AND the Kahlua Pecan Pie, which Larry has mastered preparing himself.


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