LaLoop ~ My Travel Must-Must-MUST-Have

If you follow my travel posts, pretty much any shot of moi shows an elegant tortoiseshell (faux) necklace with gold (faux) loop. LaLoop. It’s my fav eyeglass / sunglass carrier. And once you try one of these, you’ll travel everywhere with it, too. (There are manly versions, too, guys.)

$190.00.  (They range from about $130 to $250+). Yeah, I agree it’s pricey. And unfortunately, the other LaLoop I bought – silver chain – rarely gets worn because it pulls hairs on my nape.  Ouch.

One of these days, mine will disintegrate off my neck. I wear it gardening, bike riding, hikes and out and about at home, too.

To me, this style is preferable over cords and chains that connect to each earpiece because (1) this holds two pairs of glasses and (2) it looks like jewelry, (3) for vanity reasons, I think the other kind looks granny, and (4) I hand-wash it often on grimy trips like safaris, as I do glasses and such. It’s basically plastic.

Now, it’s not perfect. My glasses still drop out of it; I tend to climb, crawl, go upside down, stoop, reach, dance, fly and such. For that reason, expensive eyewear stays home. And just as importantly, it can tuck inside my clothes. Yet, (look at the very bottom photo), I don’t think to do that every time, like when sitting with a gorilla.

LaLoop Faux Tortoiseshell Chain Eyeglass Holder – $190.00

LeLoop collage faux tortoiseshell


Patti on lava


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1 Katie August 21, 2014 at 4:54 am

LOVE the picture of you and the gorilla with your LaLoop chain visible! I keep telling myself to get some sort of croakie to hold onto my sunglasses (I tend to jump off cliffs and lose them!) but I don’t travel with expensive sunglasses, so I haven’t cared too much when I lose them. One day!

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